Want a full body workout? Try out some pool exercises

Along with cardio, water-based exercises help improve strength, endurance and flexibility of an individual.© Shutterstock

Break free from your usual fitness regime and jump into a pool for a great full-body workout.

Say goodbye to the sweat and heat. Get into a pool and burn your calories. Water is harder to resist than air. This makes pool exercises more challenging than regular exercises. Heavy resistance leads to more engaging of muscles. This also helps burn more calories in a short period of time. Along with cardio, water-based exercises help improve strength, endurance and flexibility of an individual. Water has an upward force, which supports the muscles and joint during exercise. This support makes it easy to work harder as your body experiences less impact of the exercise than it would on land. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), pool exercises can be used to treat joint conditions, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Pool exercises do not mean you need to do sprint single laps in the pool. There are many exercises that you can try in the pool.

Walk in the water

Start your pool training with a simple walk in the water. This will provide you with an idea about the resistance there is in the water and how much you have to push your body to perform an exercise. While walking in the water, try moving your arms, core, and lower body as much as possible. The safest way to perform this activity is to begin in shallow water, which is just above your waist height. Rather than pushing your spine forward, move by applying pressure on the heels and toes. Keep your arms at the side and try to move them backward and forward, as much as possible.

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Inside water arm lift

Created mainly to strengthen the arm muscles, you need foam or plastic dumbbell to lift inside the water. Stand in the pool with the water just above your shoulder and try to raise your hand straight up, making a straight line with the neck. Keep your hands in front of you and to the sides to get overall strength in different arm parts (bicep, tricep and joints).

Back wall glide

Don't depend on the water, use the walls surrounding the pool. Back wall glide is an exercise performed specially to strength, core and lower body muscles. To perform this exercise, hold your legs close to the chest with the feet, laying straight on the wall in front of you. Maintain your balance, apply pressure on your feet and throw your body as far possible from the wall.

Leg kicks

As the name suggests, this exercise works up the leg and core muscles. You can use ankle weights to increase the difficulty. To perform this activity, hold on to a ledge first, make space for yourself, then start kicking your legs in different directions and in different ways. Mix some sci

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