Useful mind techniques to help you through the most stressful parts of your day

Whether you are stuck in a traffic or waiting in a queue, these mindful practices will help you get through the day.

Your average day is full of moments which can be stressful. And while you may just let the stress take on you, there are a few mindful practices you can do to handle the stress. Yoga and meditation expert Raman Mishra shares with you some of the best meditation tips to survive the day.

When you are stuck in traffic: It is natural to get stressed when you are stuck in traffic especially when you have to reach office on time. Instead of focussing on the traffic, concentrate on every action you take. If you are driving, focus on the accelerator. Or if you have a chauffeur, you can only sit back, close your eyes and observe your breath. This practice of mindfulness will help avoid any distractions.

When you get a rude email: Stressful emails are a part of job life but before you respond to the email with haste, take a few minutes to watch a funny video on your phone or think of something which makes you feel a little light. Trust us; you will have a clearer perspective when you return to reply to the mail.

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When your sugar craving hits: Sometimes your cravings can get you extremely stressed. When the 3 p.m sugar craving hits, inhale and lift your hand above your head, exhale and lower them down. This practice may help you deny yourself from laying your hands on that bag of cookies. Also, perform sahaja yoga for better mental health.

When you are annoyed with your partner: If you are annoyed with your partner or just had a heated conversation, take two minutes to get into balasana or child s pose and rest in the pose. You will immediately feel calmer and will be able to converse with your partner better. If you are already in the middle of a heated argument, take a break to do the dishes or make your bed, and then get back to the conversation.

When you can t fall asleep: And if falling asleep seems impossible just lie on your back with both your hands on your stomach. Observe your breath and feel your stomach rise as you inhale and fall as you exhale. Relax every muscle in your body as you do this and you will fall asleep in no time. Also, try this yoga pose if you can't fall asleep.

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