Use yoga straps to enhance your yoga practice

Use yoga straps to enhance your yoga practice

Straps can help you get into yoga postures which you would otherwise find difficult to perform.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : July 1, 2016 6:19 PM IST

You may think all you need to practice yoga is a yoga mat and comfortable clothes. While you are not completely false, you can add a few props that can enhance your yoga practice. And if you think props are just for beginners think again. Even the most advanced yoga practitioners use props to perform a pose to its fullest potential. Straps are one of the best props you can use to maximise the benefits of the poses.

Made of nylon or cotton, straps have a buckle at the end which is adjustable. You need to adjust the length of the strap according to your requirement. Yoga expert Neeta Sharma tells you how they benefit you.

Makes asanas easy: If you are a beginner, straps can help you get into postures which you would otherwise find difficult to perform. They can help you hold or grasp your limbs that you might not be able to reach like in uttanasana.

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Helps you go deeper into the pose: Straps help you modify the yoga poses and go deeper into the pose. The tight back of your legs can prevent you from being comfortable in a twisting position and even forward bends like paschimottanasana. Wrapping a strap around the foot can help you get deeper into these poses.

Opens up your body: Straps can contribute to open up your body in shoulder openers like parsvottanasana and gomukhasana and natarajasana. They can also help you achieve proper alignment and prevent any injury while performing the pose.

Helps you perform challenging yoga poses: Straps can help you progress into a more challenging variation of the yoga poses helping you build better strength and balance.

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