Unable To Lose Weight? Know What You Are Doing Wrong

5 Reasons Why You Are Unable To Loose Weight

Are you stuck in a cycle where you are trying to lose weight but you keep gaining it back? Here is what you are probably doing wrong.

Are you living with the misconception that simply cutting down on your calorie content will result in magical weight loss? This is probably one of the reasons why you are not able to lose weight or you are stuck in the cycle of losing weight and gaining it back in a few days. You should know what you are doing wrong. Losing weight is not just a simple matter of how much calories you consume. But you might believe that from what you witness and read online. If you keep following this routine, you will forever stay trapped in the vicious cycle of weight loss and gain. This is termed as weight cycling. Only following a fixed diet will not work for permanent weight loss.

Weight loss involves a very well rounded plan that involves good diet, healthy mental state, good sleep cycle, support of your family and friends and exercise. There are no easy fixes or magic pills for this. But, before you dive into this new plan to loose weight, remember that your health is not determined by your weight. You can always focus on your overall wellness and chuck your weight loss journey.


Are stuck in a cycle where you are trying to loose weight but you keep gaining it back? Here is what you are probably doing wrong.

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Short Term Attitude

Always have a long term approach when you start your weight loss journey. Otherwise you might keep regaining the weight that you lose. You might be successful in putting off a lot of weight but it will not be permanent. Usually, a short term approach leads to quick weight loss for about only two weeks not more.

All Or Nothing

The all or nothing mindset is when a person decides to drastically cut down on calorie and food consumption for a week and then consumes excess calories one day. This is known to have no effect on weight loss. You should keep a balance of the calories that you are consuming. A small amount everyday will not harm you.

Support System

It is important to have a positive environment around you as you go through this journey. Eating healthy also has certain stigmas attached to it and people do not take it seriously sometimes. The negative comments and sarcasm might tempt you you break your routine. Aside from stigmas, the people around you might also tempt you to break your diet. This is very common and becomes difficult of the people around you do not understand your aim. If you feel like your support system is affecting you too much, having an open conversation about why this is important to you is the key.

Stress And Poor Mental Health

Chronic stress and poor mental health makes loosing weight twice as hard. You might have a very active day planned but because of sleep deprivation, stress and exhaustion you probably end up not following your routine. Stress can lead to binge eating or not eating at all and eventually breaking the diet you tried so hard to maintain. Not eating will leave you with no energy to workout. Not too mention, it is neither healthy nor possible to work out when you feel mentally and physically exhausted.

Pills And Supplements

Pills and supplements are probably the worst way to lose weight. They are not healthy and will not work long term. Even if you are taking supplements and they work for you, you too have to work in order for them to work. Only taking supplements and consuming all kinds of food and not working out will have no effect at all. Every weight loss method requires you to stay off certain calories and working out. That is how you can permanently lose weight as well as maintain your body.

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