Try this yoga pose to lose fat from your lower belly

This is an excellent pose to tone lower abdomen and lengthen hamstrings. Learn how to perform it.

Ubhaya padangusthasana or both big toes pose is an excellent pose to tone the lower abdomen and lengthen the hamstrings. It opens up the chest and shoulders and strengthens the abdominal and genital organs. The asana rejuvenates your back and spine and helps you relax.

Both big toes pose

Steps to perform:

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  • Sit erect in sukhasana or the easy pose.
  • Then bend your legs and grab your toes with the fingers of both your hands.
  • Inhale and lift your legs up. Make sure that you are not letting go of your toes and keeping your legs erect.
  • Balance your body on your pelvic bones and keep your back straight. Relax your shoulder blades down.
  • Take slow, deep breaths and hold the position for 15-20 seconds.
  • As you exhale, release your toes and slowly bring your legs down.
  • Repeat this pose 4-5 times.


  • Make sure always to perform this asana in empty stomach.
  • Also, ensure not to carry out the asana on a soft surface. Do it on a yoga mat instead.

Word of caution:

  • Avoid this pose if you have tailbone or hamstrings injuries.
  • Do not perform the pose if you have hypertension or any eye problem.
  • Also do not get into the pose if you are pregnant or are menstruating.

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