4 yoga poses for acne-free skin

Regular practice of yoga can help reduce stress which triggers acne.

Yoga is a wonderful way to revitalise your body and mind. But you will be surprised to know that regular practice of yoga can also help deal with skin problems, such as acne. Stress triggers acne, leading to inflammation and outbreak. Yoga asanas can help reduce stress, giving you a healthy glowing skin. Here are a few yoga moves you could try for a smooth acne-free skin. Also read 7 asanas that can give you a glowing skin.

Standing forward bend or hastapadotasana

Besides relieving stress, the standing forward bend helps to flush out the toxins from the system. This asana can give an instant glow to your skin by increasing blood flow to that area.

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Steps to do this asana:

  • Stand straight with your legs apart.
  • Now, stretch both your hands forward and upwards, making sure you feel a stretch up your spine.
  • Start bending slowly until your palms are touching the floor and your head touches your knees.
  • Once in this position, breathe normally and hold the asana for as long as you are comfortable.

Seated forward bend or paschimottanasana

This pose helps reduce stress in your facial muscles. The seated forward bend clears your skin by relieving the stress in your body.

Steps to do this asana:

  • Sit straight with your legs together and stretched out on the floor such that your feet are pointed towards the ceiling.
  • As you inhale, stretch both arms upwards. Now as you exhale, bend forward towards your toes by keeping the spine erect. Hold the big toe of your feet with the index finger and thumb.
  • Exhale and gradually bend forward to touch your forehand to the knees, ensuring that your elbows should touch the floor.
  • Stay in this position for at least 10 20 seconds as you hold your breath. Now, slowly get back to the sitting position as you inhale.

Headstand or shirshasana

The headstand can help improve the blood flow from the head to the face, nourishing your skin. The freshly oxygenated blood from the brain stimulates the pituitary glands, in turn activating all other hormone producing endocrine glands relieving stress.

Steps to do this asana:

  • Sit on your soles and place your knees on the ground. Lock fingers of both the hands. Making a triangle of the finger lock and the elbows, place it on the ground.
  • By bending forward, place the middle of the hand on the ground near the finger lock. Now straighten the legs.
  • Now keeping the balance, straighten your legs from thigh joint. Completely balance your body on the head.
  • While returning to the original position, first fold your knee and then the legs. Let the thigh and knee touch the abdomen. Now gradually place the soles on the ground. Sit on the soles and slowly raise your head.

The bow pose or dhanurasana

This asana focuses on deep and regular breathing, drawing oxygen in and out of the body, releasing toxins. The posture also increases the blood circulation to the face, thus helping in getting rid of acne.

Steps to do this asana:

  • Lie down on your belly and place your hands alongside your hips with palms facing up.
  • Now, slowly bend your knees, stretch your hands backward and hold your ankles.
  • As you attain the above position, breathe in and gradually raise your body in such a way that your upper body, as well as your thighs, are off the ground. Try to be stable in this position and hold your breath.
  • Be in the position for at least 15 - 20 seconds. After that, return to your original position by lowering your body gradually.

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