Try rope climbing to get an hourglass figure in no time!

With rope climbing, you will not only blast fat but also build lean muscles in no time. Try it out!

Working out with ropes can help tone nearly every muscle in your body. You may have tried skipping ropes but have yout tried rope climbing? Rope climbing is a functional training exercise that can get you super fit in no time. What s more, the rope climbing workout will improve your strength, coordination, and flexibility. Amrinder Singh Fitness Expert at V s Fitness, Colabatells you how you can tone your body with rope climbing.

Rope climbing is a stable military fitness test as it is one of the best ways to assess total body strength and endurance. You need a lot of strength to perform rope climbing exercises. These yoga poses can help you build upper body strength.


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When you do rope climbing, you will work the muscles of your arms, hands, back shoulders, core, inner thighs and your pelvic floor muscles. You will get the toning benefits by just pulling yourself up on the rope even if you do not make it to the top.

Steps to perform

Preparatory movement: If you cannot pull yourself all the way up, there are a number of ways to stimulate your movement. First, sit on the floor and place the rope in between your legs. Then grab the rope above your head, and try to pull yourself to standing position. Repeat the movement 3-4 times. If you find it too difficult, sit in a low-squat position and then follow the same pattern.

The climb: Grab the rope as high as possible above your head. Bend your knees toward your chest and bring your feet together such that the rope goes under one foot and then over the other. This position will allow your legs to support your body weight. Then pull yourself hand over hand till your arms reach overhead. Keep repeating the steps and pull yourself higher up.

The descent: You need to climb down the same way you climbed. Lock the rope between your feet and slowly lower your body hand under hand until you bend your knees at around 90 degrees angle. Straighten your legs and again lock the rope between your legs. Repeat the movement until you touch the ground. Mickey Mehta tells you why you need to start functional training today.

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