Try dropsets for adding size to your muscles

Doing dropsets will hurt a lot, but it will make those muscles grow bigger!

If you want to grow bigger muscles and have been doing the regular 10-15 reps per set routine for a long time, then it is time you give dropsets a try.

How to do it

Dropsets are a technique where you gradually lower the weight to continue exercising even after reaching failure with a particular weight. For example, you start by doing 10 reps of biceps curl with 25 pounds of weight, after those 10 reps you can t go any further, so you reduce the weight to 20 pounds and do another 10 reps. You keep on reducing the weight similarly.

Don t take too much rest in between

One of the most important things while doing dropsets is to ensure that there is not much rest in between sets. Which is why, it is better suited for machines where changing weights take lesser time. You can also do it with free weights, but may need a partner who helps you alternate weights. Read more about how you can do pyramid sets.

It ll hurt real bad

This technique will hurt and make your muscles really sore afterwards. But, if you want to add real size to your muscle, you ll have to pay the price. As the old bodybuilding adage goes, No pain, no gain!

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