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Try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to lose weight, improve cardiovasular fitness and boost confidence

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a martial art and combat sport that will take your fitness to the next level.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : December 16, 2015 9:31 AM IST

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art and combat sport that teaches you how to defend yourself against a larger adversary. Just like any other combat sports, BJJ is the art of mastering over your opponent by using different lock and choke techniques. But the benefit of performing this martial art form goes far beyond than just learning how to protect yourself. Mixed Martial Arts expert Anmol Londhe tells you more about how is it done and why it is good for you.

What kind of training is done in BJJ?

BJJ is a combination of judo and wrestling. Like traditional Jiu Jitsu, BJJ comprises locks (to various joints of the body) and chokes (to the neck). The significant difference between BJJ and traditional Jiu Jitsu is that it is played 90 percent in a horizontal position and 10 percent in vertical. Even if you are with your back on the ground, with your opponent on top or on the side, you have an equal chance of winning the fight while staying on the ground.

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BJJ training involves a series of moves in sitting position and some drills that teach ground control. You are also taught various defensive locks, chokes and moves in lying down positions. Something called as rolling with a partner is the most important one. The aim of rolling is to control your opponent before using chokes and locks.

What are the health benefits of BJJ?

BJJ is the best holistic form of exercise available. It can be the best form of exercise for each and every muscle, bone, nerve. There will not be any need to do any other form of exercise as long as you are performing BJJ regularly.

  • Losing weight will be child s play. BJJ will help you burn calories and build lean muscles at the same time.
  • It will help you maintain a healthy resting heart rate (HRR). A normal resting heart rate will imply better cardiovascular fitness and more efficient heart function.
  • Since it is a fast-moving martial art form you will tend to sweat a lot which will drain out the toxins from your body.
  • Just like any other martial art form, BJJ will give a tremendous boost to your confidence.
  • The sport will increase your stamina and you will not have to perform any other cardio workout along with it.

Can everyone perform it?

From newcomers to trained athletes, everyone can perform BJJ. There are many 90-year-olds competing in BJJ tournaments in various parts of the world. However, make sure that you do it under proper guidance. Also, understand your body s fitness limits and try not to overdo anything.

Uniform for BJJ

BJJ is played wearing a Gi (it s the uniform that judo or karate people wear). It helps in having a proper grip on your opponent and provides an equal amount of leverage.

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