Top 5 mistakes to avoid while shopping for organic fruits and vegetables

Is it ok if the organic fruit is off colour or has many spots? Find out the answer to this and other doubts on organic shopping.

Most people believe that going organic is the best way to adopt a healthy lifestyle and stay fit. We aren t denying this argument over here completely. But before you go organic it is necessary that you educate yourself enough to reap its benefit and don t end up harming your health in any way. So, here we are listing some major but common mistakes that people make while they make a switch to organic foods. Avoid these pitfalls to ensure that you stay healthy and choose the right organic produce.

  1. Not buying seasonal produce: If you are into organic food then you will know that more seasonal produce is grown during organic farming, keeping the climate and the environment in mind. As Dr Bhavi Mody from Vrudhi Holistic Health, Mumbai said that people should eat more of the seasonal produce whether organic or local, as it is nature s way of offering you the vital nutrients needed to survive in that particular place based on the local weather and climate. If you are not eating enough seasonal produce you are denying your body all the goodness needed to stay fit and healthy. Read this before you choose to pay a high price for organic foods. So, if you want to eat organic produce, make sure that you pick the seasonal ones and not the ones that are imported from different countries. They might not even stand to their promise of being organic or provide nutrition that your body can't do without. Read to know local apples vs imported apples which one should you choose.
  1. Avoiding produce with speckles and spots: Being a sceptic, when I went visiting a farmer s market, I was put off by speckles and spots on the green leafy vegetables and fruits. I wondered, if it is organic shouldn t it be spotlessly clean? To this question, the person at the stall told me that I should not worry so much about the speckles and spots as it only means that the produce was grown as naturally as possible. What I should be wary of are the photoshop worthy colourful veggies and fruits which appear ripe due to chemicals. When it comes to choosing organic produce do remember speckles and spots are not harmful. Here are seven ways to go organic on a budget. However, avoid buying fruits with too many soft spots, where you can feel the pits from the skin or there are too many dark spots on the produce. Avoid buying produce which is blackening or yellowing in colour and you can make out that these colours are not part of the natural colour of the fruit or veggie.
  1. Buying produce that is unripe: If you are buying in bulk and storing for later use, don t choose the ones that are too hard. I got this lesson in organic buying from the same person who said speckles and spots are good that more than touch trust the smell when buying organic. So if you are planning to buy apples, pears, tomatoes and potatoes in bulk make sure you touch the vegetable to check whether it is firm but not hard. Firmness is a good measure of the quality. When you squeeze you should be able to feel the fruit. If you are not able to feel the fruit when you squeeze and it is too hard, chances are the produce is unripe. Don t invest in unripe produce because you want to store it. Instead, go with the ones that have a faint aroma as they will ripen in time.
  2. Buying from the store: Always try and buy from a farmer s market if you want to eat organic, suggests Dr Bhavi Mody. Mostly the store bought organic produce is wrapped or packaged in plastic which can have harmful chemicals. If these chemicals seep into your food they can do you more harm than good.
  3. Buying more because it is organic: I know a lot of people who stock up on organic produce because it is healthy and difficult to come by. After buying it fresh at a farmer's market, storing it in your refregerator for days on end doesn't give you the nutrition you need. So, buy as much as you need and eat in moderation.

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