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10 tips to get better hydration during exercise

Did you know staying drinking water while exercising can increase your endurance? Here are 10 tips for better hydration during exercise.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : January 29, 2014 3:47 PM IST

HydrationCorrect use of gym equipment and supportive shoes isn't the only essential required for working out. Keeping yourself hydrated is of the utmost importance, according to an expert. Most of you might go for sports drinks and energy boosters to replenish the fluids in body. But is that actually necessary?

Professor Paul Gately, Carnegie Professor of exercise and Obesity and director of MoreLife at Leeds Metropolitan University says 'Sports drinks can help to hydrate during and after intense, endurance exercise. But there are many factors like the amount of physically activity and food consumption that should be considered.'

If you're a gym lover, you would be tempted to try different ways to boost your new gym regime. And sports drinks are just one of the ranges of accessories that fitness fans are turning to with a hope of boosting results. But this shouldn't be the case. Here are a few myths and facts about hydration that you should know.

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'Most people exercise for less than 60 minutes per day. Besides, their exercise intensity does not reach to a level where sports drinks could actually make a positive contribution. For majority of people, water is the best choice,' added Gately. Read more about the amount of water one should have daily and its health benefits.

Here are ten tips for healthy hydration during exercise:

1. For most light intensity types of exercise including recreational swimming, golf and walking and for any physical activity lasting less than one hour, water will rehydrate you adequately. Here's more information on light intensity exercises.

2. Sip water in small amounts before, during and after the exercise.

3. Ideally, your body needs one cup (250 ml) of water for every 15 minutes of exercise to prevent dehydration. But, this could vary from person to person.

4. Drink sufficient water during exercise, especially when you start sweating a lot.

5. It's a normal tendency to feel thirsty while exercising. Don't ignore your thirst because it indicates dehydration. And, dehydration can affect you in a lot of ways. Here's how dehydration can affect your behaviour and leave you cranky.

6. It's best not to wait until you start feeling thirsty. Be conscious and stay hydrated before you lose a lot of water from your body.

7. Perform at your best and pack a bottle of water with the rest of your sports gear.

8. Sports drinks may be beneficial for those who exercise regularly at a high intensity for more than one hour.

9. If you exercise for more than one hour daily, you can also have fluids that contain sugars like glucose and electrolytes from salts. You can also sip fresh, natural coconut water for re-hydrating yourself. Read more about other health benefits of coconut water.

10. Do not over-hydrate yourself. Over hydration results when your water consumption exceeds the amount of sweat you produce. It leads to loss of electrolytes in body and disturbs the fluid balance.

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