Start twerking to lose weight

You will tone your abs, glutes and quads with twerking.

Pop star Miley Cyrus managed to bring twerking to the limelight. Yes, twerking gets a lot of attention at the music awards, but it is so much more than just a derriere shake. It gives you a good workout too. Dancing can be an excellent way to squeeze in a challenging workout without even leaving your house and if you are bored of your Zumba sessions twerking is a must try.

Twerking for weight loss:

Moving your hips vigorously in twerking can be an amazing workout for glutes, quads and abs so basically you have no reason not to get the twerks on. It also helps shape and strengthen your core muscles. It gives you an excellent cardio workout while boosting your stamina and burning your calories. Twerk sessions are not only fun, but you end up burning up to 400 calories just in 45 minutes which is almost equal to the number of calories you burn in 60 minutes of power yoga session, says dance expert Rita Sahni from the Legworks Dance Studio, Mumbai. What s more, you will not only burn calories but will also boost your metabolism. These dance workouts also burn more than 200 calories in an hour.

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The move may look complicated at first, but it is nothing but a combination of deep squats and pelvic tilts. Here s how you can do it with ease:

  • Bend your knees and place your hands on your hips.
  • Turn out your feet and press on the back of your hips to push them forward.
  • Then press on the back of your hips and push them forward.
  • Repeat this move and control your speed without going too fast. You can even do the move by getting on your hands and knees in bed.

Try it on the dance floor or in your house! Also, try Bokwa dance routine to lose weight.

Image source: MileyCyrusVEVO/YouTube

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