Standing leg raises or lying down leg raises – what is better?

Make the most of your leg stretches with this simple tip.

Front leg raises, side leg raises are an excellent way to burn belly fat and also tone your lower body. You can perform them in standing position as my trainer advised me to, or in the lying position. However, the question is, which one is more effective? After all, if you are putting in some much energy and time in a certain exercise, you must practice it correctly to see better results. We asked Prosenjit Biswas, Fitness Manager at Skulpt Kolkata for his recommendations and here s what he has to say.

Leg stretches, raises or extensions are best performed in standing position than lying down. When you are lying down, you are on your back while the leg is 90 degrees from the floor. Since the back is already supported in this position your core is not activated. When the core is not involved, the erector spine is arched causing lumbar stress. Have you tried these stretches to tone your calves?

In a standing position, multiple muscles are recruited such as the Glutes Maximusas well as isometric quadriceps contraction, ankle joint stabilization and hip flexion. Also, the core muscles are activated. Hence, leg raises when performed in a standing position give you better toning and help burn you more fat. You can also try hanging leg raises to get flat abs.

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While performing stretches or raises in the standing position, the knees have to be locked so the stretches come from the hamstring. If you are suffering from a back injury, it is advised not to bend forward or stretch in the standing position. Lying leg raises are preferable in this condition.

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