Revealed -- Sonakshi Sinha's amazing weight loss story!

Revealed -- Sonakshi Sinha's amazing weight loss story!

Sonakshi Sinha, managed to lose 30 kg before her role in Dabangg. Find out how!

Written by Kriti Saraswat |Updated : May 19, 2016 3:32 PM IST

Sonakshi Sinha who is known for portraying the quintessential small-town Indian woman onscreen, has back-to-back releases lined up in the coming weeks. The once overweight actress can now put her critics to rest by flaunting a well-toned body. Here s how she did it.

The big loser

Sonakshi shed almost 30 kg before she made her Bollywood debut opposite Salman Khan in Dabangg. She was 90 kg when she began her weight loss journey. Apparently, it was Salman who coaxed her to lose weight and join films.

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She lost a few kilos in a month which boosted her morale. But it wasn t an easy ride as her gym sessions left her with constant aches and pains. Also read Achieving the slim and toned look wasn t easy says Sona. Here s what she did:

  • Cardio
  • Weight training
  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • SpinningTM
  • Functional training

Thrice-a-week, she also did hot yoga. Her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala made her work out initially twice-a-day and later four to five days in a week for an hour-and-half. This was to help her lose weight and tone her body.

Diet diary

Perhaps the biggest challenge for Sonakshi was to give up eating junk food and start eating healthy. Her trainer put her on a high-protein, low-carb diet to support her strenuous workout.

She also drank several cups of green tea throughout the day and kept herself hydrated with adequate amount of water. Another diet rule Sonakshi followed was eating small meals every three hours and avoiding carbs after 6 pm.

Here s what her diet plan consisted of:

  • Breakfast: Cereal and milk or whole wheat toast
  • Mid morning: Some dry fruits and a cup of green tea
  • Lunch: Home-made roti and sabzi with salad
  • Evening: A fruit or a cup of green tea
  • Dinner: Dal, chicken, egg whites and fish

Fighting fit

Though Sonakshi lost 30 kg, it wasn t enough and she was still slotted in the heavy category. But her confidence did not dwindle and she was regular with her workouts to lose more weight. Sonakshi never hid the fact that she was overweight but also lashed out on critics who made fun of her figure.

A few months ago she shared an image of a skeleton and added, To all those who keep commenting on my weight, whether its a full picture, or a close up where you cant see jack. Take a good look at this picture. Now get this: 1) this aint ever gonna be me 2) get over it. 3) i wish u could see which finger i hold up for shallow and idiotic people like yourself. This was her taking a stand against the size-zero craze which requires one to look extremely skinny. Also read Arjun Kapoor s weight loss story.

In movies such as Holiday and her recent onscreen appearances, Sonakshi looks much leaner and toned. Not just her body, her face too has lost its chubby, baby fat and highlights her best features. To top it all, she has cropped her hair short and flaunts her new and improved self with much aplomb.

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Image source: Bollywoodlife.com

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