3 free apps to help you run solo and compete with other runners

Stay motivated and run better using these apps.

Hey all you running enthusiasts, why not track your progress with the help of your smartphone using running apps? These apps will help you better your performance and also engage with other runners. Be part of a community and set out on a journey to be fit together. Here are three apps to choose from.

Runtastic (free, android, windows, iOS)

This app tracks your running, walking, jogging and even cycling progress. It also has a pro version which comes with more features. You can keep a tab on the time, distance, pace, elevation, etc. when you run.also has an inbuilt GPS system to help you find more running routes. You can even challenge yourself by setting a goal. Also read - which is the best surface to run on?

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Runkeeper (free, android, iOS)

This app is like a running coach on your phone. You can learn to run the right way, set goals, get cues to reach it, and also earn rewards when you complete it. Runkeeper also offers a playlist and challenges to keep going. It also boasts of a community of 45 million runners.

Nike+ Running (free, android, iOS)

Another app to keep track of your progress, it uses colour coding to denote your goals (based on how difficult and challenging you want it to be, helping you plan your run. You can even share your running photos, customised according to your metrics, route, etc. It also lets you play music and compete with others. Also read - Tips to pick the right running gear for a marathon.

Have any other cool apps to add to this list? Tell us in the comments section below.

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