4 reasons you should eat an apple with its skin

Do you peel apples before eating them? Read this to find out how you are making a big mistake!

An apple a day does keep the doctor away, but do you peel the apples just because you don t like the way the skin tastes? Apples are a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin E and fibre. They help in preventing heart diseases, treat diarrhea and constipation and more. However, if you just eat the apple core and throw away the apple skin, you are missing on most of its nutrition. A study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry says that apple skin could be as responsible as the core for an apple s anti-cancer benefits.

Another study published in the journal Nutrients, apple peels contain a significantly higher amount of phenolics like quercetin and anthocyanins than the core, despite its small contribution to the whole fruit weight[1]. Here are a few other fruit peels you must ea and not throw away!

Here are a few benefits of apple peels--

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Can prevent cancer--Apple skins contain an exceptionally high amount of antioxidants because of which they can effectively protect you from cancer. A study published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer says that these antioxidants inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells and can protect against a variety of cancers such as breast and prostate cancer. Apple peel extracts also increase the level of a protein called maspin which suppresses tumour growth and prevents cancer from spreading [2].

Reduce inflammation--Apple peels contain antioxidants like flavonoids which possess anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). [3]

Prevent cell damage--These flavonoids also neutralize free radicals like reactive oxygen species formed in the body in the regular process of metabolism and prevent oxygen-related cell damage, premature ageing and reduce inflammation. [3] Here are 7 antioxidants your body needs and how to get them.

Protect the heart--Apple peels also contain quercetin, a flavonoid that not only reduces inflammation but also has antioxidant properties. Quercetin is known to prevent platelet aggregation that form clots in the arteries and also relax the smooth muscles of the heart preventing heart attacks and other heart diseases. [3]


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