5 reasons every girl needs a 'girlfriend'

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I have had many ups and downs in life. I have made friends and let go of few. Some people have stayed by my side for years, while some are just virtual identities. However, one experience that pains my heart to date is when my best friend from school started distancing from me when she got a boyfriend, eventually ending our friendship, so much so that it took her years to find me on Facebook and become a 'friend'. It affected me so much because she was, for the longest time, my closest girlfriend. Now years later, I realise how important is to have close women friends, because I have a few, and can't imagine my life without them. For a girl, her women friends are more than your regular friends, and here's why you need to find your she-wolf pack.

  1. The support is unchallenged: Whether it is heart break or your child who won't listen to you, your girlfriend will be by your side. People will change. Family members will move away, your partner or husband will get busy, your children will grow up. But your girlfriend will be there
  2. Someone who calls spade a spade: You can count on your girlfriend to give you unabashed and brutally honest opinions about your fashion, the people you crush on to what you eat. She will also be there to talk sense into people who mess with you and boost your morale when it hits rock bottom, without mollycoddling you.
  3. To help you survive everyday life: A lot of stress goes on as you cruise through your day. And don't expect your 'domestic partner' to understand all your household grief. A good conversation with your girlfriend is what will help you survive.
  4. To talk about sex and other issues: Who do you discuss with your bedroom issues. Don't get me wrong, but men can be a little touchy about matters concerning intimacy. Your girlfriend will come to your rescue with a few funny jibes and serious life-saving tips.
  5. To discuss guys, periods, emotions and just about everything: Us women are complex people. Not in the way guys make us sound, but because a lot goes on in our mind and with our bodies. A guy will never understand why you need to have a specific flavour of ice cream when you are PMSing. He might accept it, but not understand it. Your girlfriend will be the only one to actually get you, and know exactly when you need a hug!

If you have a girlfriend in your life, lucky you. Give her a call and tell her how much you love her!

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