Real people share embarrassing things that happen in yoga class

Have you had any bloopers at the yoga class?

Yoga is not all that serious and boring. The meditation part may require concentration, but the regular yoga classes are as fun as a dance or aerobics class. The participants of the class come back with loads of stories, there s gossip, a mutual exchange of knowledge and much more. If you still think yoga classes were not so happening, here are a few real life embarrassing moments that happened in a yoga class:

This has happened with many so I won t say it is too embarrassing but it s funny how Savasana can put you to sleep in no time especially on a Monday morning. Even worse is that I dozed off and started snoring. My friend had to actually wake me up as I couldn t even hear the class laughing loudly at me , says Sheetal.

I have stopped making noises even in the bedroom after this fiasco. So I was moving from one position in the asana to another and got stuck. The aahhs and the oohs I made when this happened were almost like when you are about to orgasm. The entire class was shocked and couldn t stop laughing. The men in my yoga class probably were too embarrassed , chuckles Paridhi.

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We have yoga classes early morning. I woke up late and didn t get time to finish my morning routine. As luck would have it, I couldn t control my fart in class and it happened during Surya Namaskar. It was a loud smelly fart and I didn t go to class for 3 days after this episode. I wonder what the ladies in the class must be thinking , says Yogesh. Read: Reasons you fart during workouts.

One day we had a hot yoga trial session in class. The new yoga expert who walked in was hot. While she was instructing us with the new asanas, I couldn t stop ogling at her body movements and got aroused. I had a boner and everyone in my row noticed it including the new trainer. I couldn t stop blushing when she did and my friends and I had a good laugh after class , says Pratik. Read: Real people share their embarrassing moments at the gym.

If your core is not strong or not engaged properly during some yoga asanas, you will obviously trip. Just tripping or losing balance isn t a big deal. I fell and took another person along with me. I lost balance miserably and couldn t stop falling on the person standing next to me. Even she was hurt and I couldn t be any less embarrassed , says Chitra.

Have you had any such embarrassing moments? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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