Raw mango dal: Here's how to give your regular dal a healthy twist this summer season

Summers are back... time to savour our favourite mangoes.

Summers are back and while summers have its own set of issues(read the scorching heat), summers do bring for you happy things like mangoes. Yes! Let's just collectively admit that mangoes are a blessing and be it in raw form or ripened, mangoes taste brilliant. While we are all aware of its taste what's even better is that you savour mangoes, guilt-free. Raw mangoes have a lot of health benefits, just to name a few, raw mangoes help you deal with acne, indigestion help prevent heatstroke and many other health conditions. Raw mangoes are a powerhouse of nutrients. Packed with potassium, raw mango aka Kairi helps you maintain electrolyte balance in your body. Raw mangoes are a rich source of vitamin C and various antioxidants. They help you control your blood pressure and maintain your health. Most nutritionists always suggest that you should always eat seasonal fruits as they tend to provide you with apt nutrients according to the season and help build your immunity accordingly. Raw mangoes also help build immunity and help your body fight diseases. This yummy treat definitely deserves a special place in your diet.

Dals or cooked lentils are a staple in every Indian household. Packed with amazing health benefits, dals are the best source of vegetarian proteins. There is a range of dals available and also different ways to make them. You can have the plain or toss it in ghee and various spices. Since dals do not have a very strong taste of its own you can experiment with your dal as much as you like.

This summer season, try the raw mango dal which is very easy to make and highly nutritious. All you have to do is cut fresh raw mangoes into small pieces and add it to your normal dal before putting it to boil. Once it is boiled and you beat the dal smooth make sure the mango chunks are whipped well and mixed with the dal. This will add a tangy flavour to your dal. You can also mango puree and add it to your normal dal.

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