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Rashmika Mandanna's Positive Approach To Fitness Is Truly Inspiring!

Rashmika Mandanna's Positive Approach To Fitness Is Truly Inspiring!

Rashmika Mandanna posted on social media, 'Damn I am the woman I've always wanted to become!' She is the inspiration we all need when we too aim at achieving our fitness goals!

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Published : February 2, 2023 5:15 PM IST

Staying fit is important as it aids and promotes good health. During our journey to a fit and healthy body we must remember that our priority should be to stay healthy and the changes that our body goes through as we exercise will happen naturally and with time. Do not equate fitness with abs, Brazilian butt and huge muscles and certainly do not get stuck in this concept.

It is important to reiterate these things to ourselves because our lifestyles are majorly influenced by what celebrities do and sometimes we are inspired by them while other times their insanely fit bodies make us feel inadequate. Remember, the job description of actors demands a certain type of look which is not natural. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects, we should focus on how determined and talented these actors are and that it is also not easy for them to maintain themselves. This should be our inspiration.

Get Inspired By Rashmika Mandanna's Positive Approach To Fitness

Rashmika Mandanna, the Indian actress who is predominantly known for her roles in Telegu, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada movies has shared her workout experience and it is very inspiring. Rashmika Mandanna is not only committed to achieving her fitness goals but is also extremely proud of her efforts and the results. In short, she is totally slaying and owning her fitness journey.

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She wrote on Instagram, "I'd, once upon a time, look at strong women and think to myself I wish I was like her and today I look at these videos of myself and go like, 'Damn I am the woman I've always wanted to become!' It's crazy how you can be/do/achieve anything you want to if you just focus and work for it!"

She clearly does not look up to anyone else to maintain her routine or wants to look like someone in particular and that is the kind of positivity that we should also try to follow. Health should always be our priority.

Why Is It Important To Have A Positive Approach While Working Out?

A study published in the journal, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise states that positive thinking during exercise can help people feel more stamina, exercise for longer hours and also reap better benefits. People who are trying to lose weight might even be able to do it faster just by opting for a more positive outlook. The study stated that, cyclists who repeated to themselves phrase like "I got this" or "I can do this" pedaled for two minutes longer on an average. Experts say, what we say can and will be used against us during our workout.

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