RajKummar Rao's fitness will give you the much needed weekend motivation!

Fanney Khan actor, Rajkummar Rao's fitness regime will blow your mind!

Bollywood actors, can seriously give you major fitness goals! With Fanney Khan's poster, what we do understand clearly is that the daddy cool, Anil Kapoor is all set to create magic. While the star-cast seems more than just promising, almost all the actors in the film are indisputably fit.

Rajkummar Rao, one of the most unconventional stars of Bollywood is a man of few words. 'My only competition is with the man in the mirror and to grow as an artist with every film,' that's what the actor repeats! Be it for his lean physique or for his uncompromising acting skills- he is a true star who's here to stay! We look at his fitness regime and what he does to keep fit.

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Freehand work outs: This is clearly meant for those fitness enthusiasts with a tight schedule. Clearly, with an acting schedule like Rao's, this one comes handy. Freehand exercises have various benefits- whether its for the arm toning, muscle fitness or for the internal organs. Furthermore, they help in toning up the circulatory system that is beneficial for the overall body.

Fitness challenge: While most of Bollywood took up this challenge, Rao fulfilled it too! Look at how, the actor does it like a pro!

Shaolin Soccer: For those who don't know, Shaolin Soccer is a Hollywood film which has a specific part wherein the lead actor performs martial arts with a football. Commonly believed as one of those forms that helps with leg stretches, improved concentration and core flexibility, Rao is surely an ace at it! Look at him, performing this like a boss!

Taek Won Do: Any form of martial arts is very good for your health. A brilliant form of exercise, as it is, it is loaded with health benefits. Here are a few of them:

1) Good For cardiovascular health.

2) Aids in weight-loss.

3) Improves flexibility.

4) Helps in bone building.

5) Relieves stress.

And clearly, Rao loves it too!

Image/ video Source: Instagram- @ rajkummar_rao

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