Push-ups give an excellent health boost: Do it the right way

Push-ups give an excellent health boost: Do it the right way
Practice pranayama (breathing exercises) like Bhastrika and Kapalbhati to improve overall metabolism. Push-ups help to tone the muscles around the armpits.

Push-ups are great for boosting overall health and fitness levels. But you must do it properly to prevent easily avoidable injury.

Written by Jahnavi Sarma |Updated : January 30, 2020 10:07 AM IST

If you are a beginner, then doing push-ups is going to be difficult. But it is not an impossible feat. Moreover, to boost your fitness levels, this is the perfect workout for you. It will help you build your strength and tone your whole body. It does so by engaging many muscles. But the trick is to do it the right way. Many people fail because they do it wrong. The get the most out of your push-ups, learn how to do it first. You don't have to visit a gym for this. You can easily perform these exercises in your home.

The best part about this workout is that you can modify it according to your comfort and convenience. For example, instead of doing the regular push-up, try it out with one leg raised in the air. This will improve balance. You can also place your hands closer or further away from your body to work out different muscles.

Let us take a look at the right way of doing push-ups.

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Don't play the numbers game

Focus on doing your push-ups the right way. If you are doing it wrong, the number of times you do it will not help you in any way. The wrong technique will put you at risk of injury and do nothing for your fitness and health. Moreover, it may also lead to postural defects.

Your hips must be low

Keep your hips low to engage your core. Most people, especially beginners, bring their hips up while performing this exercise. This is wrong and will add pressure to your shoulder joints. It can even cause shoulder injury. You must also keep your back flat. Tighten your abs and feet the tension in your muscles.

Palms must be at a wider distance than your shoulders

Always place your hands, palm down, wider than shoulder-width distance. Keep your thumbs and armpits in line with your elbows. It must form a 45-degree angle from the sides.

Make the ground your starting point

Lie flat on the ground face down. Start from there. Keep your back straight and your core tight. This will increase endurance and boost strength.

Keep your head up

Your head must be aligned to your body. Keep back and spine straight but not taut. Don't look down. Focus on a spot in front of you. This will help you avoid injury.