Product Review: Fiama Men Cool Burst Shower Gel

You can use the Fiama Cool Burst Shower Gel as a body wash and also as a shampoo.

Fiama Cool Burst Shower Gel -- Since prickly heat is a big problem during the hot summer days, I thought of trying this new and refreshing shower gel. But when I got the sample I realised that it was Fiama Men Cool Burst Shower Gel for body and hair. So I asked my friend to review it. Here is what he has to say about his experience with the all new Fiama Shower Gel.

Product: Fiama is the premium range of personal care products from ITC. The product is a new, innovative bath gel variant that promises to cool the body temperature by 3 degrees instantly. The gel is enthused with menthol, which has many health benefits, in addition to exerting a cooling effect on the body. As per the product description, the gel will cool your summers.

Ingredients: It contains menthol cooling crystals and mint particles, which is the reason the product is known to exert a cooling effect and refreshing fragrance.

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USP: If you have read the name of the product clearly, you will know that Fiama Men Cool Burst Shower Gel can be used for the body and hair. As a dual cleanser, it helps relieve the itching caused due to prickly heat and it also has a soothing effect. If you have prickly heat, it is best to use this shower gel. Otherwise as well, you can use the product for its amazing fragrance and cooling effect.

Price: The 250 ml bottle of Fiama Men Cool Burst Shower Gel costs Rs 199. If you compare the price with the other top search shower gels, it might be a bit expensive. If you have a doubt, do give it a try. You may like to read about 7 home remedies to treat prickly heat or heat rash.

Review: Here's what my friend has to say about Fiama Men Cool Burst Shower Gel. I have tried several shower gels earlier, but this is unlike any other product, it fulfils what it promises. However, the cooling effect lasts only for 10 - 15 minutes after you take a bath, which I am not happy with. On the contrary, the fragrance lasts for quite some time, which is a good thing. So if you sweat a lot, are into sports or go to a gym, then I recommend you to invest in this product as it exerts a lasting effect. Another good thing is that it can also be used for the hair. Surprisingly, it makes your hair silky and smooth, which I didn't expect at all. Hence, you can also use it as shampoo in addition to using it as a body wash. Overall, I feel it is worth investing in Fiama Men Cool Burst Shower Gel.

Ratings: 4/5

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