7 problems only those who wear spectacles will understand

Remember people calling you names like 'chashmish' for wearing glasses during the 90s. You'll relate to these facts too!

Spectacles or my glasses, like a friend, have lived with me for the past 25 years or more and watched me through my thick and thin, pun intended. Before glasses became a style statement or the rage like they are today, where even those who have no vision issues want to don them, a couple of decades back they were a big put down. So everyone from the 90s who have had to wear glasses will resonate with my thoughts. Here are some problems only we, who use glasses permanently can understand:

  1. Watching 3D movies or wearing sunglasses doesn t come easy to us. Well, if you use contact lenses, you can definitely get both. But with glasses, you don t want to be running a parallel comedy movie in the theatre by wearing 3D glasses over yours. As for the sunglasses, prescription sunglasses cost us a bomb and we certainly are not ready to spend that much just for the few months of summer. Read: How to keep your eyes healthy at all ages.
  2. Water is our enemy. Going to the water park means you need a guiding hand at all times. What if you jump in an empty pool? Riding a bike in the monsoon is also a task. You have to decide between whether to hold the accelerator or wiping off the water from your glasses. Terrible.
  3. The same applies for sports. Swimming, running, tennis, surfing, glasses are a hindrance in most sports. Also read natural remedies for better eyesight.
  4. Walking in and out of a cold room. I have experienced this forever. Step out of the car in the sun and you have to wait till the fog on your glasses settles down a bit.
  5. You are not in the league. Whether you are a boy or girl, let s accept it guys, that no one in the 90s ever wanted to date you. Are the dark marks from glasses troubling you? You can treat them in no time.
  6. What if you don t remember where you kept your glasses before going for a shower? People conveniently make jokes about having another pair of glasses for finding the actual pair. Thank you so much. What s even worse is trying hard to identify whether it s the conditioner or the shampoo.
  7. You look so pretty without the glasses. That s the comment you ve heard a zillion times. Don t we already know that? If only we had an option to live without them. Here are some tips to choose the right glasses for your eyes.

What are the weird problems you ve faced? Share with us in the comments below.

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