7 problems only girls with broad hips will understand

Confessions of girls with wide hips.

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I would love to have that ass like you , says a friend and I scream in my mind, Can I donate it, just like blood? I agree to the grass is greener on the other side bit but there are exceptions. I, for sure, am not happy with my wide hips and those who have a thin upper body and huge hips will agree with me. It s not easy to live with those assets, giving up wearing cotton sarees is just one of them. Pear shaped women are the most ignored lot when it comes to styling and the denim advertisements that claim to give you the perfect jeans for bigger assets are a farce. I wonder why Jennifer Lopez has gone ahead and insured her butt.

If you too have wide hips, you will agree to most of these struggles we go through:

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1. Walking in late at the movie theatre: No matter what body shape you are, it is awkward to walk in late. What s weirder is getting to the seat in the middle of the row with that big ass. Turn it towards the face of those seated and they ll be choked to death, turn otherwise and you ll be knocking everyone s head in the seats below. I have vowed to never be late for a play or movie. Would you like to tone that butt? Follow these expert tips and exercises to get a well-toned butt.

2. Shopping: Your waist size may be 30 but thanks to your wide hips, you need a size 34 of denims. Then struggle with belts and alterations. Cocktail dresses are not for you unless you manage to get a flowy one. Same applies to short tops. Why don t the stylist design hip covering tops. Most of us will bless them. Here s how you can shop for the right swimsuit according to your body type.

3. Swimming: Swimsuits aren t for you either, so forget the beach wear shopping before holidays. I personally feel embarrassed even in a body suit when going for regular swimming classes or when I went for scuba diving once. Either don t look in the mirror or skip the sport. You may carry a sarong to hide it for a while. Besides swimming, you can also lose weight from the hip area with these exercises.

4. Riding bicycle: I used to go to school on a bicycle till a friend mentioned how funny and huge my ass looked. That was it. I am still shy to ride bicycles. To add to the misery, the tiny seats do no justice to even small hipped people, forget us. You can also try this exercise to get rid of cellulite from buttocks and thigh area.

5. Being called names: Unlike those with spectacles who are mocked in the face, we may have not heard direct comments. But people certainly made jokes about you. I have heard many and it s just so sad. Read about the woes of people who wear spectacles.

6. Sitting on plastic chairs: Haven t you experienced your ass popping out from the sides of the school or college chairs, the narrow benches, the plastic chairs. Your upper body says, two like you could fit on that sofa but your hips don t lie.

7. Bending down: Always bend on your knees if anything falls down and you need to pick it up. Bend directly and you will have erected a wall in the middle of the road. People might even wonder who put a sofa in the middle of nowhere until they see there is a tiny body attached to it.

So let Kim Kardashian or JLo flaunt their butts, we commoners know how it is to live with big assets!

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