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Physically Active Women May Live Longer, Regardless Of Their Genes: Fitness Expert

How To Overcome Genetic Predispositions For A Longer Life? Explains Fitness Expert Meenakshi Mohanty

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : December 16, 2022 9:01 PM IST

The entry into the third decade of the twenty-first century has been accompanied by conscious efforts to improve health and well-being. In the digital age, people worldwide have access to resources and research that preach the benefits of exercise. But, it is only too familiar to neglect personal health, a characteristic granted under an increasingly busy work life, growing responsibilities in private domains and a lifestyle that forces people to remain sedentary. Fitness Expert Meenakshi Mohanty shares that scientific studies have linked a sedentary lifestyle to mental and physical diseases worldwide. Albeit the fact that life expectancy the world over has improved in the last two centuries, around the corner lie the troubles of numerous lifestyle diseases that can remain undetected only until the sudden impact of illness arrives.

Scientific Studies On Physical Activities

In recent years, scientific studies and research have revealed a close connection between mortality and the rate of physical activity a person engages in.

  • At the University of California, scientists studied over five thousand women aged 63 and above between 2012 and 2020. The astonishing results highlighted that low-to-moderate-to-high levels of physical activity were directly related to a lower risk of death.
  • The study also took note of the individual genetic predispositions of the participants, a factor of the human biological composition that was considered unalterable and unescapable until very recently.
  • Particular genetic configurations in cells have been linked to a predisposition for certain illnesses and provide a range of other information about an individual that can be used to understand cell chemistry and other, more complex biological processes occurring inside the body.

Empirical sciences have also studied the effect of activity concerning mortality in mice

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  • An exciting study points to a similar connection observed in the study mentioned earlier at the University of California, where scientists took note of the effects of activity in mice, how prone they might be to illnesses and diseases, and the results of higher activity levels on life longevity.
  • It's interesting to note that humans and mice have 85% identical genomes, signifying a similar biological composition shared between the two.
  • However, it is more intriguing to note that in both cases, an active lifestyle incorporating regular exercise periods is also more resilient against diseases and can provide the particular species with an opportunity to enjoy a longer life.

High-Intensity Physical Activities

As people grow older, the propensity for high-intensity physical activities dramatically reduces. This becomes a critical problem for several middle-aged and older adults who face the dangers of impending physical ailments. However, the alarms set off from such overlooked conditions often find expression in the lives of younger people, and it thus becomes imperative for populations to become more aware and sensitised towards lifestyle diseases.

Cardiovascular Health

  1. Genetically, the Indian population has the highest predisposition for cardiovascular diseases, and an issue addressed multiple times on global platforms.
  2. Cardiovascular health has been proven to be linked to physical activity, and exercise is the primary method recommended to avoid diseases related to the heart.
  3. Exercise improves blood circulation to parts of the body and brain, a process essential for repair, recovery and growth. In addition, it enhances organ health, builds strength, and wonders for an individual's psychology.
  4. Mental ailments such as depression, anxiety and trauma often result from prolonged periods of stress, and it becomes increasingly important to adopt essential practices to manage these conditions.
  5. Yoga, weight-training, functional training, and various other techniques allow people to improve their health effectively.

Mind And Body Balance

Seeking harmony and balance between the mind and the body becomes a crucial aspect of everyday life that must not be neglected, for the changing lifestyles, the advancements in technology, and the comfort enabled by it mask the growing threat posed by increasing lifestyle diseases. Therefore, healthy nutrition, exercise and a work-life balance are indispensable in contemporary times, and accessibility to such practices has increased in recent years, owing to the same inevitable advancements of technology.

Fitness is key to leading a healthy and happy life, a fact that has repeatedly been stressed. Scientific studies go on to support the claim and present a crucial learning for people across the world, and the time to act has never been more evident.

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