Perform bent knee downward facing dog yoga pose to de-stress

Do it after a tiring day. You will be very relaxed.

Yes, yoga practice is the time to get active, but it is also the time to de-stress and maintain your zen. Here s one beginner s yoga pose you can perform to relax and unplug. The bent knee downward facing dog pose is a gentler and a less energetic version of the downward facing dog position. So if you have the slightest tightness in your hamstrings and find the downward facing dog position quite challenging this pose will focus on lengthening your back instead of your hamstrings. You will find it easier to get into this asana. Yoga expert Pragya Bhatt tells you more about the benefits of this asana and how you can perform it.


This is an excellent asana to relieve stress and energise the body. It stretches your shoulders, arches and hands while strengthening your arms and legs. The asana can help relieve menstrual discomfort and also the symptoms of menopause. The asana is also therapeutic for flat feet, sciatica and sinusitis.

Steps to perform

  • Begin in the tabletop position and tuck your toes and bend your knees such that your heels face towards the sky.
  • Press your belly and lengthen your spine so that you for a long line from your neck all the way up to your tailbone. Stay in this pose for a few breaths.
  • Slowly straighten your knee and get back to the starting position. You can end this pose by either doing hastapadotasana or standing forward bend or simply raise your body up to get to the standing position.

Modifications for pregnancy: If you are pregnant, you can separate your feet wider to make space for your belly and if necessary, hold the pose for fewer breaths. These soothing yoga poses will help you sleep better.


  • If you have back or shoulder injuries or have high blood pressure avoid doing this pose.
  • Also, do not try to get into the pose if you have a wrist injury.

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