Want to lose weight? Try these delicious low-calorie recipes

Relish these healthy, low-calorie and tasty dishes without any guilt when you are on a weight loss plan.

Limiting your calorie intake and adding nutritious foods to your diet should be one of your first steps towards your weight loss goals. You can relish these healthy, low-calorie and tasty dishes without any guilt when on a weight loss plan.

Baked vegetables with dumplings

Cooked in olive oil, baked vegetables with dumplings not only contain healthy fats but also offer many nutritional benefits. Baking is a healthy cooking method as it does not add any additional calories to your food, unlike frying. Find the recipe here.

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Cucumber pancakes

You can reach for cucumber pancakes when you are looking for a healthy snack. These unique pancakes are not only great to taste but are also light and healthy. This innovative recipe of cucumber can add bulk to your diet while providing you with fewer calories. Find the recipe here.

Leafy salad

To lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories than you expend and this leafy salad can help you with it. This leafy salad can be filling and can be added to your meals and side dishes. The olive oil dressing with a tang of lemon juice is not only low in fat but is also heart-healthy. Find the recipe here.

Chicken stew

You can make this delicious and healthy chicken stew in less than 30 minutes. This stew is not only satisfying, but it provides you with very few calories. The stew is rich in protein, aiding in muscle and tissue health. The stew is also rich in calcium and is helpful is assisting the nerve function. Find the recipe here.

Chana soya masala

This fibre-rich combination of chana and soya can steal the show when it comes to a delicious weight loss recipe. This dish makes for a scrumptious meal and can keep you full for a longer time. The soya chunks can also help you keep a check on your cholesterol level. Find the recipe here.

Button mushroom salad

If you enjoy mushrooms you should try this low-calorie button mushroom salad. Besides, mushrooms have a plethora of health benefits. They are rich sources of minerals, such as potassium, niacin and selenium. Find the recipe here.

Stuffed idli

Stuffed idli is prepared using urad dal or black lentils, giving the idli a very healthy twist. Being low in calories, this idli can be a welcome addition to a calorie-controlled diet. It can be a nourishing breakfast option, keeping you full for a longer time. Find the recipe here.

Dalia salad

This dalia salad can be one of the most convenient lunch and breakfast options. Being high in fibre, it keeps you full for a longer time, helping you to beat hunger pangs. The dalia or bulgur, adds more nutrition to your diet, making the salad healthier. Find the recipe here.

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