How many calories do soft drinks or colas have?

Calorie count of all your favourite soft drinks, get them here to decided which one is better for you.

Who doesn't love soft drinks? You don't think much before gulping one down as it is often a replacement for water. But you have to realize that they have a lot of unwanted calories!

Here's a calorie count of your favorite soft drinks:

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MenuNo. of Calories
Coca Cola (1 glass)97.5 cal
Diet Coke (1 glass)0.5 cal
Diet Pepsi (1 glass)0.8 cal
Fanta (1 glass)130 cal
Lemonade/Limca (1 glass)110 cal
Sprite (1 glass)120 cal
Slice Mango (1 glass)157.5 cal
Maaza (1 glass)135 cal
Appy (1 glass)162.5 cal
Tropican Guava (1 glass)150 cal
Tropicana 100% Orange (1 glass)110 cal

These calories are calculated using HealthifyMe Calorie Counter, the world s first Indian nutrition tracker.

A glass of Coca cola or other cola drinks has as many as 97.5 calories whereas, orange flavored carbonated drinks like Fanta have around 130 calories. Lemonade and Limca on the other hand has 110 calories. Fruit juices which are considered healthy rank behind as far as healthy drinks are concerned with a glass of guava juice having as many as 150 calories.

Other preserved drinks like Maaza or Slice, also have a high calorie count owing to the quantity of sugar and preservatives in them. The healthiest options while deciding on soft drink are diet coke and diet pepsi with a minimum of 0.5 and 0.8 calories.

Soft drinks have many ill effects on your health increasing your blood sugar levels and research has also shown that drinking soft drinks ages you 4 times faster.

The high sugar content of these soft drinks increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Research has also shown that a diet with soft and sugary drinks impairs kidney function and damages them.

While deciding to eat out, we are often tempted to junk foods like pizzas. Due to tough competition between giants like Pizza Hut and Domino's, choosing a healthy option becomes difficult. You may like to know about the calorie counts of various food items on their menus and choose the healthier options next time you visit them. You may also like to read about the calories counts of items on McDonald s and KFC 's menu. Indian chaat and Chinese food is also a mass favourite. Check out their calorie counts and decide which type is healthier. No outing is complete without indulging in some ice creams and pastries. Here's all you need to know about calorie counts of your favourite ice creams, pastries and smoothies.

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