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Here's why you shouldn't feel guilty about eating deep fried Diwali food

Have chaklis, karanjis and chivda this Diwali without any guilt © Shutterstock

Do you feel guilty about eating deep-fried foods during Diwali? There are many reasons why you shouldn't, explains celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar.

Written by Upneet Pansare |Updated : November 1, 2018 4:53 PM IST

Diwali is full of deep-fried goodies like chakli, chorafali, kachori, mathris, shakarpare, namakpare, ghugra, chirota, karanji and other traditional foods that are made with a variety of millets, pulses, spices, nuts and dry fruits. These are made especially for Diwali across the different states. Those of us who have diabetes, obesity, heart problems and other health problems often get conscious of the food during festivals and try to skip it thinking that it will keep us away from complexities. But the fact is far from that. Celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar tells us why we need to do away with these fears regarding deep-fried Diwali food and enjoy them instead.

1) All the food that we make during Diwali increases the diversity of our diet and brings in ingredients into our diet which we don't eat for the rest of the year. This allows our gut bacteria to stay diverse and strong. This prevents health problems like constipation insomnia, stress, constipation, diabetes, IBS and heart diseases. It also helps with

Vitamin D assimilation. When diverse nutrients go into our body, we have good health, good hair and weight loss.

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2) Cooking deep-fried foods during Diwali brings families together and makes cooking fun. This is a great opportunity to remind everyone at home that cooking is a gender-neutral activity. You need to keep up with this tradition.

3) You need essential fats in your diet. Everything is not about calories. Your body needs essential fats for fat burning. Diwali foods are rich sources of fat because they have nuts, coconuts, ghee and other healthy fats.

4) You must use only that much oil that's needed for your deep frying. Cook on a slow flame. Use an iron kadhai of an appropriate size. Make sure that the oil doesn't reach its smoking point. Use oil according to your heritage, not refined vegetable oils.

5) The food is fried for a reason - deep frying in essential fats like ghee or groundnut oil, etc, reduces the glycemic index of the food item and also helps absorb fat-soluble vitamins like A,E,D and K. So, not only are the blood sugars regulated, the immune system gets a boost in the changing season and bones get a strengthening dose for the upcoming winter.

6) Make sure you stay active during the festive season, don't stay up late, avoid alcohol and packaged food.

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