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Non-Jumping Cardio Exercises That Will Give You A Full-Body Burn

Non-Jumping Cardio Exercises That Will Give You A Full-Body Burn
Most individuals find it challenging to stick to their fitness routine because they need more spare time or are afraid of going to the gym. In addition, many people find going to the gym scary because they are self-conscious in public and fear being evaluated for their fitness level. Fortunately, there are alternatives to going to the gym that will provide you with a comparable experience. One of them is to sign up for an online fitness programme and exercise conveniently in your own home. You'll remain interested in and inspired by these programmes to work out consistently and successfully.

Cardio leaving you too exhausted to do anything else? 7 expert-approved non-cardio exercises that are as effective as other exercises and can help you burn calories.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Updated : February 21, 2022 3:54 PM IST

While losing body fat and toning up may necessitate some aerobic activity, the good news is that you can still reach your target figure by doing something that requires less effort but gives equal results. After all, you can achieve your weight loss goals when you love the process. You shouldn't force yourself to do something that you hate. But first, let us understand how cardio helps to achieve your goals.

Gauthaman Ramesh, Fitness Expert, says, "Cardio exercises help you get your heart rate up, burn calories and also help you to work your muscles leading to some increase in muscular strength and endurance. Hence it is a great way to get a lot of things done in a shorter amount of time. Most of the cardio exercises that you might know come with a fair bit of jumping. Now jumping isn't bad but too much of it might hinder your progress. Jumping is a high impact activity and too much of it can put your joints under a lot of stress, especially if you are untrained or if your goal is weight loss."

Non-Cardio Exercises To Burn Fat

The expert shares 7 exercises are great alternatives to traditional jumping cardio exercises and can help you get the same benefits with lesser risks of injury.

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This is a great full-body movement and can serve as a good warmup as well. This exercise focuses on a fair bit of stretching as well and gets you warmed up in no time.


This is an amazing lower body move and gets your heart rate up in no time. This mainly targets your quads and calves. A few intense sets of foot fires are a great way to end a workout session.

Prisoner get-ups

This exercise is a highly demanding one and works the lower body mainly. I'd say this is a good one for experienced trainees. This challenges your quad muscles as well as your stability.

Front and back lunges

This is a great exercise not only to get your heart rate up but to also work on your lower body strength and stability. This works your entire lower body and improves functional fitness.

High plank shoulder taps

This one is a complete core exercise and works on upper body stability as well. Get on a high plank and tap your shoulders alternatively.

Pulse squats

This one is an amazing exercise to get a good quad burn. This is an intense one and works on your lower body. This one gets your heart rate up quickly as well as helps develop your quad muscles.

Glute bridge marches

This exercise is an advanced variation of the glute bridges and targets your hip flexor muscles as well. A really easy one to execute but helps plenty with improving your functional fitness along with giving you a good lower body burn

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