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Milind Soman Shares Tips To Improve Running Post COVID Recovery - See The Post Here

Milind Soman Shares Tips To Improve Running Post COVID Recovery

Are you a fitness enthusiast too? to take your workout routine game a notch up, we have with us actor-model Milind Soman who will give you some of the most important tips to run better.

Written by Satata Karmakar |Published : June 2, 2021 4:33 PM IST

\What is the one best way to lose weight super fast? Running it is. Yes, running is an excellent form of exercise not just to lose weight, but also to tone your muscles and build core strength. It burns your calories by targeting the most important spots where your body stores belly fat. To take your running exercises a notch up, Bollywood actor-model-fitness enthusiast Milind Soman is here to help you sport the exercise. Milind Soman has gone back to running five to six kilometres a day after testing negative for Covid-19. Milind posted an Instagram picture running shirtless, clicked by wife Ankita.

Taking to Instagram, Milind Sonam posted a picture of him running. "My first 10k post covid! 62 mins, comfortable, max heart rate during the run 142. I have been running 5-6km every day since I got my negative report on 5th April," Milind wrote alongside the image that shows him sporting shorts, sneakers, and sunglasses. Haven't checked the picture yet?

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He also answered questions posted by fans on running. Milind wrote: "1. To run I wear either vibram five fingers with toes cut off, or Luna Sandals. I find closed shoes uncomfortable, I can't run with my natural form. 2. To me, soft/hard surface does not matter, technique matters. Run softly. 3. Running correctly and regularly strengthens legs and is good for the knees."

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"4. If you are starting/restarting/been sick/been injured/overweight, start with very slow speed and short comfortable distances. Regularity is the key to improvement. 5. I don't need any special diet if I am running 5-6km a day. I might need to eat more if I am running 50-60km a day."

He added: "6. I don't use sunscreen. After running, if the sun has been really hot, I use a little curd on my face and wash it off with water when it dries. Skin feels good, tan looks amazing."

This is not the first time that Milind Soman has shared how running makes his workout routine complete. Earlier he had shared an image where you can see him running in the rain. Posting the image, he wrote: "Runnin' in the rain! Been running short 6km runs every day in these beautiful hills outside Mumbai, waiting to hit the highway for a hundred, don't know when 🙈 what are you waiting for most of all ????????"

Benefits Of Running You Should Know

Running is not just an exercise but also a caretaker of your mental and physical health.

  1. Running can help keep your heart healthy. It is a great way to help improve cardiovascular health.
  2. It can help you burn your calories faster, and
  3. Build muscle strength.
  4. Running regularly can help you beat symptoms of depression.
  5. It is also a great exercise to improve your body's form and flexibility.
  6. Running is good for your knee health. Doing it regularly can keep you safe from osteoarthritis or knee pain.

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