Milind Soman Doles Out Some Serious Fitness Inspiration In His Latest Post; Does 50 Push-Ups In 50 Seconds

Milind Soman Doles Out Some Serious Fitness Inspiration In His Latest Post; Does 50 Push-Ups In 50 Seconds

Are you feeling too lazy and looking for some inspiration to hit the gym? Take cues from Milind Soman who is seen doing 50 push-ups in 50 seconds in his latest IG video.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Updated : February 20, 2022 4:42 PM IST

Milind Soman is one of the fittest Bollywood celebrities today. Even at 56, the fitness enthusiast believes that no excuse is good enough to give exercise a miss. A fitness inspiration for today and more days to come, Milind impressed his fans with his agility and core strength in his latest Instagram video, where he is seen doing 50 push-ups in 50 seconds. This is not the first time the model and actor has inspired everyone to stop being a couch potato and hit the gym. The celebrated supermodel doesn't just make any sort of exercise look effortless, and makes it look fun and interesting.

Milind Soman Does 50 Push-Ups In 50 Seconds At 56

Milind posted a video of himself performing 50 push-ups in 50 seconds on Instagram on Saturday. The 56-year-old breezed through the workout and even impressed his fans. Milind's 30-year-old wife Ankita Konwar shot the video, which he captioned, "Best thing to do at sunset. #health #pushups #happiness #forest #rivers #love #incredibleindia."

Check out the post right here:

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Milind and his friend do push-ups on rough terrain with a beautiful sunset in the background in the video titled '50 in 50 at 56 [wink emoji].' The actor completed 50 push-ups with ease and without stopping. He sat in a squat position after finishing the workout. Milind then looked at the camera and gave a thumbs-up with a smile on his face.

Benefits Of Push-Ups

Pushups are an excellent way to strengthen your upper body. The triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders are all worked out. This exercise can help strengthen the lower back and core by activating (drawing in) the abdominal muscles when done correctly.

Pushups are a quick and effective strength-building exercise. Other benefits of this exercise include burning calories, injury prevention for the shoulders and lower back, improved balance and posture, increased flexibility, improved performance in sports and athletic activities, and improved posture. Push-ups improve the lower back and core muscles while also improving the cardiovascular system.

Push-ups can be done anywhere and do not require any special equipment. If you are looking for a consistent exercise plan, doing pushups every day can be beneficial. If you do pushups daily, you will most likely see an increase in upper body strength.

Risks Involved

If you want to perform pushups every day, you'll want to make sure you're doing them correctly. Pushups performed incorrectly can result in harm. If you don't do pushups correctly, you may get lower back or shoulder pain. Modify the exercise if pushups are too difficult at first. Perform these exercises on your knees or against a wall. Before doing pushups, consult a physical therapist if they are too difficult on your wrists or if you have had a previous wrist injury.

Note: Always check with your doctor first before including a new exercise in your fitness regimen.

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