Milind Soman Always Spares A Minute Do To Push-Ups: See How Many He Can Do In 60 Secs

Even when he has no time in the entire day to exercise, Milind Soman always try to spare a minute to do push-ups. Read on to know the benefits of doing push ups everyday.

When it comes to fitness, supermodel and Bollywood actor Milind is a huge inspiration for many. A great physique with toned abs, the 55-year-old fitness freak has proved that age is just a number for him. Milind Soman has been sharing his fitness regime on social media in an attempt to encourage fans and followers to exercise and stay healthy. For those who make excuses of no time, no space, no equipment the actor wants you to spare just a minute in the entire day to do push-ups.

Even when he has no time in the entire day to exercise, Milind never forgets the basics. He still spares a minute to do push-ups. "And most times that's all I need how many in 60secs? No excuses of no time, no space, no equipment, being able to move your own body weight is good enough. Just keep trying to increase the number of push-ups in a minute. It's a good goal to start with, and a great goal to finish with!" he wrote on Instagram.

Milind Soman is also famous for asking fans to do push-ups in return for a selfie. But how many push-ups the actor can do in a minute? Watch the video and count it -

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Milind Soman and wife Ankita Konwar's enthusiasm for fitness is no secret, but did you know that his 82-year-old mother Usha Soman is a fitness freak too. The octogenarian can do up to 20 push-ups in one go, according to his son. Hard to believe, right? Then watch these videos -

The Benefit Of Doing Push Ups Everyday

Push-ups are an effective whole-body exercise that can boost overall health and fitness levels. Not just this exercise helps build muscle, it also helps build your strength, raise your metabolism to burn fat, tone your whole body as well as improve your cardiovascular health. If done correctly and regularly, push-ups can also help get six-pack abs.

Push-ups can target multiple muscle groups, particularly triceps and biceps, pectoral (chest) muscles, shoulders and lats (latissimus dorsi muscles, located on your back). The best thing about this exercise is that you get a full body workout with no equipment.

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