Mickey Mehta’s new 'Yo' workout to keep you fit and fabulous!

The fitness guru reveals what's the workout all about.

Trust Mickey Mehta to come up with new workouts to make your gym sessions more interesting. And this time he is back with the Yo workout! A new-age workout, it aims to not just make you fit but also help you connect with your spiritual side. He reveals more about his signature workout in a t te- -t te.

What is the Yo workout?

Yo workouts are based on the science and essence of yoga and the principles of spirituality. These workouts connect the body to the mind, the mind to the spirit and the spirit to the body bringing about wholeness.

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How is it different from other existing workouts?

Yo workouts have been aesthetically designed to address the entire body and encompass fitness, health, wellness and wellbeing. It is a soul searching synergy of exercises and it is my way of giving the universe a high five and is a part of my wellness revolution for human evolution campaign to make wellness the world s number 1 religion.

What are its health benefits?

The Yo workouts are energising, optimise and maximise strength, flexibility, agility, stamina, immunity, and metabolism. They are revitalising and Mickeymising! Read the right way to exercise by Mickey.

Who is it for?

This is my gift to the wellness industry and anybody can do these workouts. They are creatively designed to suit every person s need. They are trendy workouts that can appeal to the youth who are looking for easy and creative solutions to address their fitness issues as well as the elderly to boost their wellness quotient. This is my initiative to make our world disease-free.

What exercises are included in it?

The programme consists of exercises called Flow-Yo, Cardio-Yo, Stretch-Yo, Strength-Yo, Ab-Yo, Cross-Yo and Cool-Yo. Yo is yuppie, trendy, cool and leaves you feeling high and energised.

Where can one learn this workout?

One can learn this at my 360 degrees wellness temples across 13 centres in Mumbai and one in Pune. I plan to set up more in other cities as well very soon. Also read Mickey's fitness mantra.

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