Medicine ball workouts: Health benefits of this wonder prop

Medicine ball can help you to build core strength. Know the many benefits of it.

A medicine ball is a favourite equipment of fitness fanatics as they use it for a variety of exercises and fitness regimes. It is the best form of workout which improves flexibility and agility. The ball is made of nylon, rubber and other materials and is easily portable. Read on to know more .

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Medicine balls can improve your core strength by helping you build abdominal and back muscles. It enhances flexibility, endurance and your overall well-being, it is injury-free and is easily affordable. Also, it can help you to escape your regular exercise routine by adding a fun element. The amazing prop is used while performing crunches as well. "There are different varieties of medicine balls - jell, with handles, without handles, plastic and rubber mix and more," explains Kunal Sharma, a Mumbai-based fitness coach. Here, he decodes the advantages of medicine ball workouts for you.

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Benefits of medicine ball:

  • You it in your stretch regime: It will benefit you and can ease your joint and muscle pain.
  • Improves your balance: Yes! You have heard it right! As you workout, this wonder ball helps you to strike a right balance.
  • Coordination: Improve your hand-eye-coordination with this super little angle for a perfect synchronization of movements.
  • Strength Training: While performing certain exercises, medicine ball can be used to build muscles.
  • Leg strengthening: One can do squats and lunges by using a medicine ball. This will help you to build stronger legs.

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Kunal Sharma concludes, "This marvellous prop can also help you shed those extra kilos. Incorporate the medicine ball workouts in your fitness routine and lead a healthy life."

Image Source: Shutterstock/ Kunal Sharma

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