Make Your Fitness Vows Work With These 10 Simples Tips

Make Your Fitness Vows Work With These 10 Simples Tips
Motivation comes from inside. No one can motivate you on a daily basis.

Start your fitness journey this year with these simple yet effective tips from Fitness from Chirag Barjatya, a fitness entrepreneur and a health coach.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : January 29, 2022 12:58 PM IST

All of us aspire to be fit and healthy. We often take vows and resolutions to start our fitness journey. But how often do we really keep these vows and resolutions? Generally, many people find it very difficult to keep up with the fitness vows that they make and their fitness journey gets derailed as a result. This is why Pune- based fitness coach Chirag Barjatya tells you how to start your year on a healthy note and make the promises made to oneself work.

Do not restrict or bind yourself to a goal

Avoid binding to a superficial goal like you will lose 10 kgs in January. Instead, focus on easily achievable short-term things and goals. Like for the first week, start by completing 6000 steps and gradually move to 8000 steps in the second week and so on.

De-addiction is different for everyone

Some of you are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, sweets, and junk food such as pizza burgers, cake, and so on. You can choose to either go cold turkey or never touch it again. Or you can choose to reward yourself with this junk food once a month.

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A good physique takes times

If you are planning to get a coach, get for six months or a year if you are an inexperienced lifter. If you think you can achieve a physique with abs in just 12 weeks because you saw an ad on some social media post, you are wrong.

Determination is the key

I know some people who enrolled with me for 12 weeks, and then left it altogether because they could not stay away from socializing for too long. Get into the mindset of 'I have to do it if there is no other option or choice'. This mindset will help you avoid the 'fitness is not for me' thinking.

Learn to say NO

Learn to say 'No' to your mother, grandmother, your friends, and every force feeder. You might feel one-piece or a bite won't harm, it won't. But for many people, one-piece triggers the addiction again. And then it's a downhill road.

Never force-feed people

We all know that gluttony is a sin. So, there is absolutely no need to show love to your close ones just through force-feeding. Knowing how to eat just the right amount of food instead is the best way to show your love. Teach the same to your kids.

Your kids pick your habit

If you are obese and into eating too much junk, remember, your children will also start doing the same. If you don't want your children to get into unhealthy eating habits, you will have to make the first attempt and practice self-control. Otherwise, your kid will also blame you in the future for their lifestyle disorder just the way we say, "It all runs in the family".

Train yourself mentally

There will be days when you will feel, 'You live only once, let's enjoy food'. There will be days when you will feel low and when others are enjoying food. Be prepared to not be affected by these.

The fruit of patience tastes the sweetest

Once you have achieved your fitness goals and have complete control over your eating habits, a good physique with good blood markers, you can reward yourself with your favorite food once in a while.

Bonus tips

  • Check your weight daily and if it bothers you do it once a week. Focus more on inch loss.
  • Never compare your progress with anyone else's.
  • Motivation comes from inside. No one can motivate you on a daily basis.

(This article is authored by Chirag Barjatya, a fitness entrepreneur and a health coach)