Kettlebell workouts: Health benefits of kettlebell training

Did you know that a kettlebell workout delivers more fat burning and body toning benefits than a treadmill or a weight training session?

According to American Council on exercise in 20 minutes a kettlebell workout delivers more fat burning and body toning benefits than doing 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes of traditional weight training.

A kettlebell is a flat-bottomed cast iron ball with a handle. It was used in the Russian military for strength and conditioning. The giyra, Russian for kettlebell, ranges from 4 kg, to competition style weight (64 kg). A kettlebell differs from a dumbbell, barbell, or medicine ball in that the centre of mass is away from the handle, which may require more strength and coordination, as well as increased muscle recruitment during particular movements. Mukul Nagpaul, owner, PMF Training elaborates.

Benefits of kettlebell training

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Kettlebell training is for individuals who wish to increase all aspects of health and fitness and for professional and Olympic athletes. Such benefits include

Enhanced athleticism, coordination, and balance

Increased mental focus and physical stamina

Increased oxygen uptake

Increased total body conditioning as opposed to isolation training

Recruitment of the posterior chain (calves, hamstring complex, gluteal muscles, spinal erectors)

Increased core stability and muscular endurance

Increased strength and power

Improved grip strength

Increased metabolic demands and caloric expenditure

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Key points before using kettlebell

As with any training method, proper form and technique must be mastered to avoid injury. The skill required for kettlebell training requires meticulous focused practice, starting with instruction from a qualified kettlebell instructor. Most kettlebell exercises incorporate multiple joint motions and muscle groups when done correctly. Without focus and conscious attention to technique, an injury may occur. Honing all skills with exquisite technique per exercise is mandatory. Here are 5 kettlebell exercises for a total body workout.

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