Janmashtami Special: Healthy twists to kheer, basundi and rabdi

Janmashtami celebrations can be healthy too. Make these low-cal desserts to have a guilt-free celebration.

low-cal janmashtami recipesJanmashtami or Gokulashtami calls for the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna, known for his mischievous behaviour with the gopis in his youthful days. And as we all know it, any Indian festivity is incomplete without desserts. No matter how much you have eaten, there is always room for the delicious sweets served at the end of a meal. But rather than gorging on full-fat, calorie-loaded bits of sweetness, why not give it a healthy twist without compromising on the taste?

If this sounds good to your ears, then we have three mouth-watering, lip-smacking and healthy recipes for this year's Janmashtami celebration.

Rabdi, an Indian sweet made by thickening the milk is a much-loved dessert but remember even a small portion of this dish can send your calorie count off the charts. So instead of depriving yourself completely of any, why not opt for a healthier version? Try making low-fat apple rabdi where the milk is thickened using apples and being low in fat, does not increase the calorie intake so much.

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Another dish which is high on nutrition and taste is lauki ki kheer. This dessert is made using lauki or bottle gourd which is high in fibre content and milk which is low in fat. This makes it an ideal dish for people who are health-conscious or on a weight loss plan.

Basundi, another favourite of sweet lovers is full of cream, milk and calories. In order to enjoy a less fattening version of it, try making it using fresh anjeer or figs. This will cut down the calorie count and you will be able to savour it without guilt. Here is the recipe.

Remember, festivities come and go; it is important to keep a tab on the number of calories you consume and maintain portion control. You don't have to starve or deprive yourself of sweets while others around you enjoy it. Just be smart and opt for healthier versions and you will still be on track of your fitness goal.

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