Is your vegetarian diet sabotaging your weight loss?

You could be getting your vegetarian diet all wrong. Read to find out if you are making any of these mistakes.

Whether you want to slash your carbon print, lose weight or reduce your cancer risk, there are tons of benefits of going vegetarian. However, if you have eliminated non-veg just because you want to lose some weight, you may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts by eating more processed foods. Nutritionist Urvashi Sawhney tells you how.

1. You rely on meat substitutes: It may be tempting to grab a tofu or protein-based meat substitute, but these products are often filled with chemical-laden ingredients such as sugar and hydrolysed starch or are highly processed. Eating them on a regular basis can show on your waistline.

2. You reach for protein-rich snack only: You do not necessarily need protein to keep your blood sugar stable. Satiating veg combos and fruits can also do the trick of balancing your sodium, potassium and sugar levels. So, if you are tempted to snack on a piece of toast with peanut butter, reach for some orange slices or half an avocado.

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3. You do not eat fruits: You may stay away from fruit and fruit juices because you may be worried about the sugar content. But fruits combat inflammation and clean up your liver that all contribute to weight loss. Eating fruits can also improve your digestion and prevent bloating and gas. Just make sure that you avoid buying juices from grocery stores and have fresh juices instead. Here's how to eat healthy in a restaurant when you are on a weight loss diet.

4. You do not eat whole carbs: If you are not eating chicken stir fry, you must be probably giving in for French fries. Avoid doing that if you do not want to put on a lot of weight. Reach for whole carbs such as sweet potatoes, lentils and squash instead of bread, muffins and bagels. Here are 5 things you need to know about eating carbohydrates for weight loss.

5. You rely on energy bars: You may opt for energy bars as they promise to keep you full and provide adequate nutrition to your body. But the nutrition that fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, dairy and whole grain cereals offer cannot be effectively packed into an energy bar. These bars can be high in sugar, fats, salt and other preservatives that can negate your weight loss efforts and result in nutritional deficiencies and weight gain.

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