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Is Taekwondo a good form of exercise?

We suggest you take the first opportunity to enroll yourself in a Taekwondo class, not only for its self- defence benefits but also for all its fitness properties!

Written by Aishwarya Iyer |Published : July 17, 2018 9:11 AM IST

Martial arts is taught in most schools today. But when it was introduced in the curriculum, little did we know that it would have health benefits too! Yes, you read that right. Martial arts, one of the many self-defence mechanisms is highly revered. Whether it is the way it promotes fitness or helps in your safety, it is advisable to enroll yourself.

"Taekwondo is not an exercise but a form of martial art, a self-defence mechanism," said Dhwani Vira, professional yoga and Zumba trainer. "It helps in building core strength and overall fitness."

Having said that, we get to you 4 reasons why taekwondo will help your body to stay fit:

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1) Improves heart health

Protecting your heart, just like safeguarding any other part of your body is of utmost importance. One surprising benefit of practising taekwondo is improved cardiovascular health. While we know that performing taekwondo is not the same as going for cardio training, certain bits of taekwondo like running laps, circuit training etc requires constant physical motion that aids your heart in pumping blood at an increased rate.

2) Aids weight-loss

Want to do away with that pot belly? Just go for an hour-long taekwondo class. Yes, we are quite serious. In a study named, 'Does Taekwondo training improve physical fitness?' that was published in the journal- 'Physical Therapy in Sport' it was established that taekwondo helps in fat-loss.

But even if you do your own research on the internet giant, you'll know that the mix of jumping, knee-kicks and constant physical movement is surely going to help you in improving your metabolism, that in turn will help in weight-loss.

3) Improves flexibility

The same study concluded, "TKD training may have some benefits in aerobic capacity, body composition (fat loss) and flexibility." It is no news that any form of exercise that involves stretching is going to help you in improving flexibility, taekwondo, likewise is no exception. The first thing your instructor will teach you is a series of stretches. Stretching has a host of health benefits like improving bone health, muscle strength, reducing backache and so on.

4) Helps in Aerobic fitness

Aerobic fitness is a term used to describe improved oxygen circulation in the body. Simply put, it is the ability of your body to utilize oxygen for muscle cells. More the capacity of your body to utilize oxygen and blood, the better it functions!


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Image Source: Shutterstock

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