Is Strength Training More Effective Than Cardio For Body Fat Loss?

Is Strength Training More Effective Than Cardio For Body Fat Loss?
Is Strength Training More Effective Than Cardio For Body Fat Loss?

Between strength training and cardio, studies have found that the former is more effective for weight loss, metabolism boost and keeping the weight off for a long period of time.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : September 22, 2023 4:56 PM IST

Losing weight may be tricky but not impossible. Numerous studies have been conducted in determining the best strategies for weight loss. Some experts say intermittent fasting may help some say lots of exercise and a normal diet is the way to go. While, other experts say, to follow a low calorie diet. But, one thing you can take away from these suggestions is that exercise is certainly important and so is the right food in the right quantity. But, what kind of exercises could help you lose that stubborn body fat?

Everyone is aware of the fact that cardiovascular exercises are ideally recommended for weight loss and they are certainly effective. Cardio targets our whole body fat and at the same time boosts our heart health. But, only doing cardio may not be as effective as you think. Especially for people who are trying to drop a considerable chunk of weight.

Study Says Weight Training Can Help Burn Fat Faster!

A new study states that combining strength training along with cardio is the ultimate answer. The explanation behind this is very simple. Weight training will help you build muscles and muscles are fat burning machines. They have the power to burn calories faster than any other method. The more you train, the more muscle you will gain and therefore burn more calories in the process.

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Weight training works on your body even after you leave the gym. Wondering how? After you are done with your training, your body is still burning calories for the next 24 to 48 hours. This is because during this time, the body is working to repair the stressed muscle tissues. This is called as the afterburn effect. So, this means, even when you are not exercising for the next two days, you are still burning calories.

Strength Training Can Help Keep The Weight Off For A Long Time Too!

According to a study, weight training also helps you speed up your metabolism by up to 5 per cent. This is how it helps you burn calories at rocket speed. Now, if you are planning to lose a chunk of weight, you can combine strength training with cardio and a sensible diet.

Another positive aspect of weight training is that it helps keep the weight off for a long time, maybe even permanently. According to a study, one hour of resistance training can keep people from gaining back the weight they had lost thereby maintaining it for a long time. So, forget what steps you have been following to lose weight and start training!