Is gymming an addiction?

If one were to look at similarities of a gym addict and a drug addict, one would find many.

I know that it is healthy but is gymming an addiction? I have noticed that whenever I have stopped gymming for a few days, I get depressed and insecure. A lot of my friends speak of how they start feeling like crap if they don t workout for a while. Why does this happen?

You re not the only one! There are several people around the world who simply swear by the ability of weight training as therapy, and a way to both fight and escape the world outside.

If one were to look at similarities of a gym addict and a drug addict, one would find many. Just like a drug addict somehow manages the money to feed their craving, a gym addict finds the time to do weight training. Just like a drug addict feels anxious if he/she doesn t feel a buzz for a long time, a gym addict feels bad if his muscles are not feeling a little sore. The only difference is that while the former breaks you, the latter makes you!

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According to fitness trainer and strength coach, Arnav Sarkar, Yes, gymming can be an addiction, but compared to many other addictions, it is a good one to a degree. To be honest, you need to be addicted to some degree to work out if you want to see success truly. However, when this becomes too obsessive, and you cannot function at all without gymming even for a day, then it has gone too far.

Why does it happen?

Well, it can be many things. For one, the release of endorphins, the feel good hormones after a workout is the only high that some people get in their entire day, and feel miserable without it. For others, it may be a fear of losing all their gains if they miss even a day that might make them feel miserable, said Sarkar. Read about the five tips that will make you workout harder.

Too much of anything is bad, and the same is true with gymming too. If you are hurting your education, career and your relationships with your loved ones because of your gymming obsession, then it is a problem that you need to address. Working out is supposed to enhance your life, and make you feel good. If that isn t happening, then maybe you re going too far.

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