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Incredible health benefits of sailing

Incredible health benefits of sailing
Sailing can enhance your mood. ©Shutterstock

Sailing can be a great relaxing activity. It can help you to enhance your health. Here, we tell you why it can be good for you.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Published : November 23, 2018 2:20 PM IST

Spending some time on the boat will make you healthy. Yes, you have heard us right! It has an insane amount of health benefits. You will have to constantly move so that ducking, hoisting and sail trimming, will help you to strengthen your immunity, improve your agility, muscle strength, flexibility, focus, concentration, patience and hand-eye coordination. The sea can help you to calm down and relax and hence, you will feel at peace. It can enrich your mind, body and soul and you will feel rejuvenated. So, just try your hand at sailing today and we guarantee that you will surely like it. We list down few health benefits of sailing. Read on to know about it.

It can be beneficial for your cardiovascular health

Today, due to following a sedentary lifestyle, many people are suffering from heart issues. It can wreak your well-being and rob your peace. This can give you a tough time. But, you shouldn't worry now as sailing is at your rescue here. You will be able to enhance your cardiovascular health by opting for sailing. Your risk of hypertension, obesity and so on, will be eliminated due to it. Since, the large amount of oxygen uptake happens when you engage in an intense activity, you will be able to stay healthy.

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It can help you to improve your mood

Along with physical, it can help you to improve your mental health. The calmness of the water can help you to get back on track by destroying your stress. The saltiness of the sea air which is composed of charged ions that can help in the body's oxygen absorption will help you to balance your serotonin levels. You will be able to feel happy due to the stimulation of serotonin levels.

It can help you to build strong muscles

The activities which are involved in that amazing sailing - pulling and hoisting of sails to manoeuvre a boat, can strengthen your muscles, back and shoulder. You will be able to build a strong upper body. This will help you to keep injuries at bay.

It can help you to improve your agility

Wish to enhance your agility and flexibility then you should say Hi to sailing. This can help you to improve your motor skills, concentration and so on.

It can help you to tackle stress

Stress can give you a tough time. Stress can make you gain weight, increase your anxiety and can invite other serious health problems too. So, to help you to beat your stress, you suggest you a unique activity and you will surely thank us for this. You should go sailing which can help you to stay lead a healthy life. The splashing of water and the rhythmic movement of the boat and the sound of the wind can alter your brainwave patterns. This will calm you down and you will be able to bid adieu to your stress.

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