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How to store fruits the right way

Wondering how to store mangoes and other exotic fruits and still eat them fresh. We tell you how.

Written by Debjani Arora |Published : June 16, 2015 5:49 PM IST

Eating fruits is healthy, but storing them the right way is a challenge. Fruits, when cut and kept out in the open for too long, lose out on its antioxidants and vital nutrients. They might still taste the same, but minus their goodness. So it is important to preserve them the right way. Here Dr Bhavi Mody, Vrudhi Homeopathy and Wellness Centre, Mumbai tells us the right way to store your fruits. Here are 10 fruits that will help you get glowing skin.

But before you learn to preserve them the right way, here are few rules you should follow:

  • Never buy fruits in bulk. Buy the quantity you can consume within a day or two, especially perishable ones like berries, bananas, peaches, plums, etc.
  • Ideally, refrigerate fruits if you are not going to consume them soon. Most fruits need refrigeration after they are cut so that they don t go stale. However, banana is an exception; it turns black when kept in the fridge.
  • For fruits that need to be consumed with their skin like apples, pears, plums and grapes you need to take care that the wax coating on them is removed before consumption. To do this: Put the fruit in a vinegar solution and keep it for 10 minutes. Next, take it out and wash it thoroughly before your eat it.
  • Once you cut the fruits into pieces either store them in an airtight container or wrap them in thin plastic food wraps, that s specially made to wrap cut fruits and vegetables. These specialised wraps are more effective in keeping the fruits fresh than airtight containers.

Here is how to store your fruits the right way:

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Apples: It is best to refrigerate the whole fruit. Remember they turn brown soon due to oxidation when cut and lose out on their antioxidants. To prevent them from going brown sprinkle some salt over them. Else submerge the pieces in lime juice and refrigerate them. Consume them within a day or two. You can refrigerate the whole fruit for over a fortnight if you are buying in bulk. Here are 10 reasons why apple a day can keep the doctor at bay.

health-benefits-of-applesPears: Like apples they to go brown when cut and kept out for long. Preserve them the same way you would do for apples and store them in the fridge for a day. Remember pears go stale soon so don t buy them in bulk but only the quantity that you can consume within a week. Here are five reasons why pears should be your favourite fruit.

PearsGrapes: Wash thoroughly and allow them to dry. Refrigerate without plucking them out of the stem. When you want to have them, pluck a handful and wash them thoroughly to get rid of dirt. Here are nine surprising health benefits of grapes.

grapesWater melon: You may not be able to have the entire fruit in one go unless you have a fruit-plate party for the entire family. So cut the fruit in half and wrap one half with a plastic food wrap and refrigerate. Cut pieces out of the other half and try to finish it within 30 minutes after slicing them. Nine healthy reasons why you should eat water melons.

water melonsMuskmelon: Cut it in halves and scoop out the middle. Wrap one-half with a plastic food wrap and refrigerate it. Slice the other half into small pieces and consume it within 30 minutes. Here are reasons why muskmelon is a wonder fruit.

Health benefits of musk melonPapaya: They are highly perishable and should be consumed soon. Store it at room temperature until ripe, and then refrigerate. Cut in half and remove seeds and rind. Next, slice or cube the pieces and put them in a refrigerator bag or an air-tight container. Here are 12 reasons why you should eat papaya.

papayaStrawberries: They are the most notorious ones and gets fungus if left in a damp surrounding like wet plastic bags, paper boxes, etc. It is better to get less of them and eat them before they perish. If you want to store them, remove the leaves attached to the fruit and wash them thoroughly. Allow them to dry for a while and then keep them in an air-tight container. Here are 11 healthy reasons to eat strawberries.

strawberriesPomegranate: To store them deseed the fruit and keep in a tight air container or a plastic food wrap. The whole fruit can stay in your refrigerator for a more than a week. Here are top 10 benefits of pomegranate that you need to know.

pomegranateMangoes: It is not a wise idea to preserve cut mangoes. Instead, eat them once they are cut and who can resist the king of fruits. In case, you need to refrigerate them sprinkle some salt and store it. Else make a pulp of mangoes and keep them in the freezer so you can enjoy their goodness even days after the season is over. However, don t keep the pulp for more than three weeks in your freezer. Here are seven amazing health benefits of mangoes that you need to know.

Health benefits of mangoesPineapples: Of course, you cannot eat the whole fruit. To store it the right way is to cut off the stem and de-skin it. This way it will last longer. Cut it into pieces sprinkle some lime juice and store it in the fridge. Eat the fruit within one or two days. Here are seven amazing benefits of pineapples.

PineappleKiwi: Never cut kiwis and store them. They are very volatile, and you will lose all the moisture and vital vitamins of the fruit. Instead, refrigerate the whole fruit. When you want to eat one cut, peel and relish on their tangy taste. Here are nine good reasons to eat the exotic kiwi.

Health benefits of kiwiBananas: Banana peels are either yellow or yellow with brown flecks. If the bananas are green, you can put them in a brown paper bag or wrap them with newspaper to help them ripen. Avoid keeping bananas in the fridge. Buy less of it as they get stale soon. Here are 10 reasons why bananas are good for you.

Bananas for older womenOranges: Uncut and unpeeled it stays in the fridge for about a month. If cut, it would last for two days wrapped in plastic food wraps. Here are 10 amazing ways eating oranges can make you healthy.

OrangesImage source: Shutterstock/ Getty Images

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