How to overcome fear of water and learn swimming

If the idea of getting in a pool makes you pee in your pants, you have to read this.

Fear is natural but you should be able to overcome fears. Many people fear water but is aquaphobia keeping you from taking a dip in the pool? If you do not want to miss out on the many benefits of swimming, take note of these few tips to overcome your fear of water from swimmer Shivani Kataria from Team Speedo who won gold medal twice at the Indian National Games, 2015.

Be comfortable-- The number one rule is to be comfortable. When you re going to the pool, pick a warm summer day and a time when the crowd is less. You may feel awkward or shy learning to swim around others, so choosing a time when there are fewer people will help reduce some anxiety. Also, it is easier to acclimatise to warm pool water versus cold water. So, a summer afternoon is the perfect time to get your feet wet.

Get an expert Your body might not be able to fly like a bird, but if you want, you can swim like a fish. All you have to do is train right and train well. Find a swimming coach who has prior experience with hydrophobic adults. Such trainers are well equipped to understand your case and guide you till you take the plunge.

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Bring a friend-- Along with your swimming instructor, have a trusted family member or friend with you, preferably someone who swims well. This will help create a mentally safe zone for you. You will have nothing to worry about when two capable swimmers are looking out for you in the pool. Follow these safety measures when your toddler goes swimming.

Start from the shallow end-- Feeling weightless in the water often causes anxiety. That combined with the idea of throwing learners into the deep end often contributes to the fear. Always start at the shallow end of the pool to help build your confidence. You can just begin with being near the pool and slowly progressing to dangling your feet in the water over the course of a few days. Once you re comfortable, take baby steps into the shallow end. Did you know competitive swimming can make your child stay fit, set goals and build self-esteem?

Also, look online for quality reading material to boost your confidence.

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