How to choose your yoga class

How to choose your yoga class

Want to start doing yoga? Here are some tips to get you started.

Written by Mansi Kohli |Updated : May 23, 2014 1:02 AM IST

How to choose your yoga classWant to try yoga? With the types and choices unending, picking the right class can be quite a daunting task! But just because there are so many, don't let that put you off track. After all, the benefit of yoga far outweighs the challenges of choosing a class.

You could simply look for classes online, but how many of those will help you choose the right yoga teacher and a yoga style that will suit your personal and fitness goals? Probably none. So, to help you decide, here is a list of things you should look into before you choose a class for yourself.

Goals for your yoga style

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The word yoga literally means 'union' or 'balance'. By performing a yoga asana, you are creating a synergy between mind and body. To clarify your aim of joining a yoga class, try and answer the below mentioned questions clearly:

  • Why do I want to do yoga? Is it to stay fit or explore a deeper connection between my mind and body?
  • Do I suffer from an external injury or a chronic medical condition? Or am I totally out of shape and want to join a yoga class for a total-body workout?

Now that you have answered the above questions, the aim for you choosing yoga as a tool is much clearer.

While you ponder, here is a bit of information for you. If your aim is to lose weight, trying more aggressive styles of yoga like power yoga or Bikram yoga are very helpful. But if you are looking for something more meaningful, styles like Kripalu or Iyengar yoga might be more your cup of tea. (Also read: Power yoga what you need to know)

The yoga instructor matters

Your yoga instructor is the key to a successful class. It is important that you choose someone whom you connect with and who understands what you need. A number of teachers prefer to use the traditional styles of yoga while others blend in their own style and make it their own, figure out what suits you best. As all instructors have their own personality, emphasis, style and focus area, look for one who is backed by the right kind of credentials and academics related to his/her yoga style.

A sample class is a must

Just like when you choose a gym or a dietician or a nutritionist, the best way to inquire about a yoga class is to ask someone who is already in it. Talk to them about what they like about the class and what they don't. If you don't have anyone who has attended the class before you, it is best to go check it out for yourself. Ask for a free sample class which will help you gauge if you would like to be there. This will also help you decide if the travel time, location and if the session times suit you. Initially try and join a beginner session and then you can progress. After all, if one yoga style doesn't suit you, there will be others that surely will! To know more, read about some yoga tips for beginners.

Go with an open mind

In the end, your journey is your own and will be different from everyone else's. Therefore decide for yourself, following fads might not be the right fit for you. Have an open mind about the class, and find what suits you the best. To know more read about how yoga is a way of life.

Finally, yoga is supposed to leave you feeling refreshed and peaceful. Choosing one that suits your mind and body is crucial.

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