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How to choose the right sports bra

Here are tips to find the perfect sports bra for your fitness routine.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : September 15, 2014 3:23 PM IST

How to choose the right sports bra?The biggest reason why you should pick out the right sports bra is comfort. Wearing the right bra is important for one's physical health. Working out in an ill-fitted sports bra can cause damage and discomfort to your breasts. An ideal sports bra should be one that enables you to exercise comfortably with minimal injury. A poor-fitting sports bra can hinder performance and ruin the entire workout experience. For deciding on the right sports bra, three important factors should be kept in mind:

Cup size: A proper cup helps in compressing the breasts against the bra wall which in turn helps in minimising bounce and movement during exercise. The cups should be such that the breasts are fully covered and are not bulging out from the top.

Fabric: When you sweat a lot during exercise, you can actually trap moisture under the breast that can lead to a rash. Therefore, make sure that your bra is made from a fabric that doesn't induce moisture. Also, avoid using polyester if you are suffering from body odour. According to research, the bacteria that cause odour grow faster on polyester causing the cloth to smell worse after exercise. Make it a point to wear cotton sports bra if you are bogged down with body odour.

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Extra support: Many sports bras have additional layers and side panels to provide extra support for high intensity workouts. A supportive fitness bra is very important to avoid damage in the breast tissue during intense workouts.

Band: The band around the bottom is the foundation of a bra. The band should fit flat against your rib cage. Look for a wide band with strong elastic to provide the necessary support.

Tips to choose the right sports bra

Finding a fitness bra can be tough but the ideal bra can solely be dictated by the amount of movement in your activities.Whether you need a bra for yoga, running or walking follow these tips for a comfortable fit.

  • It should be slightly tighter than a regular bra but at the same it should be comfortable enough to not cause any problems in breathing.
  • It is a good idea to test the bra by jumping or running on the spot. This exercise will help you decide if the bra is sufficiently supportive or not. While jumping up and down, the bra should minimize the breast movement.
  • Make sure that there is no chaffing around the armholes or shoulder straps. If the sports bra has hooks make sure that they do not cause any irritation either.
  • The fabric of the cup should be smooth. Any form of wrinkle or crease in the cup indicates that the cup is too big.
  • To find the correct size raise your hands over your head. If the elastic band moves above the rib cage, you need a smaller band or the straps may need to be adjusted.

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