How to buy the right variety of extra virgin coconut oil?

Follow these tips to buy the right kind of extra virgin coconut oil.

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It is no secret that coconut oil has a host of health benefits. Not only is it full of metabolism-boosting medium chained triglycerides that can help you lose weight but the oil also holds up to the heat while cooking. What s more, it goes well with everything from home-made banana chips to smoothies.

Many of us opt for the unrefined or the extra virgin one as the oils are prepared by the first pressing of raw coconut without the addition of any chemicals. In this method, the fresh coconut is first dried and the oil is extracted out of it later. But how do you pick the best quality extra virgin coconut oil? Well-known nutritionist and founder of Nutrify, Priya Kathpal tells you.

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Cold pressed doesn t always mean raw as sometimes as during the extraction process some of these oils are heated to rather high temperatures. A good quality extra virgin coconut oil is the one which has a mild coconut scent and flavour. The flavours of the extra-virgin olive oil found in the market can differ from intense to mild. The more heat the coconut oil was exposed to while extracting the stronger is the flavour. Do not purchase it if it smells smokey or roasted. For a mild flavoured extra virgin coconut oil look out for centrifuged oil as it will be less likely to be exposed to heat during extraction. Also, do not buy anything which is tasteless or odourless as it will probably be refined or treated. Also, find out the best extra virgin olive oil.


When it comes to the appearance, the oil should be white in solid form and colourless in liquid form. Do not go for the ones which have a yellowish tint.

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