How do I build muscle on my lower chest? (Fitness Query)

There is nothing called spot reduction and similarly there is no concept of selective muscle increase.

I used to be a skinny guy. After training for a few months, I have put on some weight and even built a lot of muscle on my biceps, and my chest is a lot broader. However, my lower chest still looks a little skinny, and my ribcage is clearly visible when I breathe in deeply. How do I build muscle on this area and make it appear fuller?

Answered by Flt. Lieutenant and fitness trainer Akshay Chopra

This is a very common question, especially among the novices. It's like asking how to become an astronaut at the time when you have just opted for science in high school. Hold your horses, you cannot build a house on a weak foundation. There is nothing called spot reduction, and similarly there is no concept of selective muscle increase.

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You must have seen that most guys love to work out only their upper body in the gym, leading to the 'chicken leg syndrome' where their upper body is big, but their legs are thin. Over 60% muscle mass lies in the lower body. People work 40% of the body for six days a week, and over time develop a physique with muscle imbalances. Check out some of the major exercises you can do in order to build muscle on your chest!

Remember, your body cannot accept dis-proportionality more than a certain amount. After some time, your body parts get stuck at a certain size because other body parts are not growing proportionally. For example, to gain an inch in your arm, your whole body mass has to increase by 7-10 kgs.

For now, just concentrate on eating well and lifting heavy, rest all will eventually fall in place. Check out this simple trick to gain weight fast!

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